Teaching english being non-english, could that be possible?

My wife and me are thinking about moving to Taiwan for a year or so. For my wife it shouldn’t be so hard to find a job over there, being Taiwanese with an IT background. However, for me it might be more difficult. Therefore I was wondering, would it be possible for me, being dutch, to teach english, either in a school or as a private teacher? My english is quite good (if I may say so myself), and sometimes feel more comfortable speaking english then dutch.
I hope to hear what your comments are on this topic.

Only illegally, but you should have no trouble doing that.


For foreigners to get a work visa to teach English, they must be from an English-speaking country. Of course, some folks sign up for language class just to get a student visa. Will you be getting your visa through your wife? That’s a whole other area that you need to check into if you haven’t already.

As Brian noted, you should have no problem finding work teaching English. If you were to be hired by a school, I don’t how they’d formally address your work status, but you would be able to find schools that would figure something out one way or another. Private lessons are generally all under the table. You can read other threads here about finding and working with private students.

Good luck! How soon are you thinking of moving?

Most of the cloggies I’ve met speak better English than the average Brit. And ARCs mean taxes… If you want to learn a bit of chinese then enroll on a course, and deal with the terrible fact that sooner or later you’ll have to go and spend a week on a beach somewhere.

Of course, you may have to do something about your national dress sense.

I know a Swedish guy with great English here on a student visa. He gets by just fine–figure that out.