Teaching English in China

I have a friend who is interested in teaching in China. I told him that I heard the money was crap-olla there. He said that he can 1100 Canadian/month. :?:

Who cares about the money, the babes are yours for the taking!

Or at least that’s what I’ve heard. Why else would anybody teach for 3 dollars an hour in a communist dictatorship - if not for the easy access to cheap pussy? Why do you think that so many Taiwanese are in Shanghai? Heh heh heh. Let’em tell you what you want about the “culture”, we all know the real reason they’re over there.

C$1100 a month doesn’t get you many babes…

It gets you a lot if you’re in China. The average monthly salary there is $500 RMB. That’s like $80 - $90 CDN.

It gets you bugger all in Shanghai. I know - I’ve lived there. Try Gansu.

Believe it or not, Taiwan has more of a leisure culture than the mainland. You can spend your money having a good time, or you can save enough to compensate you for whatever it is you don’t like about the place.

Do it in China, and drink yourself stupid because a coupla hundred bucks a month is hardly worth the cost of trying to remit it home. Is he being paid in hard currency? RMB are only freely convertible in Hong Kong. No point earning enough to save if you have to spend it where you are.

I lived away from the expensive areas, and made four times as much as a local teacher could hope for, plus my lovely apartment. Spent ALL of it on piss, 'cos there’s bugger all else to do with the money and it wasn’t worth shit in the real world. Then a student, who worked in a brewery, asked me this:

What is Fe2SO4 in English?

When asked why he explained that they put it in the beer.

On the other hand, there are too many Canucks here already. China’s a lovely place and the babes are a lot more impressionable there.