Teaching in Hanoi

Anyone know anything about this ?

I’m looking into it and haven’t found a whole lot out. Where are the schools ? Websites ? A Hanoian Forumosa ?

There used to be a good site called Vietnam Notes by a guy who worked there. Dunno if it’s still up and running.

I did a quick Google search, and it seems like most of the information available on teaching English in Vietnam is through Christian missionary groups, and some programs run through Canada. There is one site that looks like it may have some info for you, though: www. teflasia.com, and then click on the section about Vietnam. From what I’ve heard from people, it’s an interesting experience, the culture is fascinating, the food is GREAT, the people are friendly … but, you won’t be able to come close to the standard of living that you are probably enjoying right now in Taiwan. But hey, there are always trade-offs!

That’s not what I heard… I once met a group of people who were working in Vietnam. They were being paid substantially less than what one could get in Taiwan (about $10-15USD/hr), but they were enjoying a great lifestyle, due to the comparatively cheaper cost of living. The only difference seemed to be that the class sizes were so large that teachers felt compelled to use microphones.

If I remember correctly, the “Lonely Planet” guide for Vietnam mentions something about teaching English there. It seems that cram schools and college/university teaching positions could be found quite easily.