Teaching languages (other than English) in Taiwan?

Hi everyone~
I’m new here.

I’m considering moving to Taiwan in the future with my husband (he’s Taiwanese).
I’m a qualified teacher in Australia. I currently teach Japanese at a high school.

I specialised in Languages and TESOL for my graduate diploma, so I’m qualified to teach Japanese, Chinese and EAL/D.

I’m just trying to find out if there are opportunities to teach Japanese in Taiwan? I assume it would be close to impossible for me as a non-native speaker (of European background to boot) even if there are, but I’d like to know.

I know 阿兜仔不教美語 (Spanish YouTuber) has shown some clips of Spanish classes he taught in Taiwan, so I got curious about other languages that might be in demand.

Probably depends where you want to teach, but you’ll be up against a lot of native Japanese speakers. Taiwan was colonized by Japan 1895-1945 and there’s a robust Japanese language learner culture here. Maybe you’d have a shot at a job at a place like TES or TAS (the big international schools). You’d have a better shot getting good jobs teaching English.


The Taiwanese are nutso about nihongo. Many japanophiles here.

I imagine there are plenty of private tutoring opportunities, and more likely for higher (relative) income brackets.

Not sure where you’d find them, but they must be out there. Also unsure of your competition a-la @teach’s post.

I figured that would be the case. I suppose I’ll see what’s out there once we actually end up moving.


Yeah, I assumed there would be some demand for it considering Taiwan’s history. It would be interesting if I could find a job as a non-native teacher.