Teaching Mandarin & Japanese in Europe

Please allow me to make an apology first.

Obviously my “subject” does not seem to fit in this category either… and im pretty troubled atm.

Coz I do not know where an appropriate category is for my subject… and I really need some kind help out, since I have tried to locate a similar site of this in Japanese and English.

As for anyone else here apart from me, you all seem to come teaching English here in Taiwan.
And I m kinda the opposite, I am planning to go teaching both Mandarin and Japanese in Portual, Spain, maybe Scotland, Poland, and Finland. or even Germany.

Does anyone here know if there is a website like this Formosa talking about how foreign expets are getting on with their life in those countries named above? If possible, could someone please kinda rediect me where this post should have been? I will surely delete this one, and re-post in the correct place. Thank you in advance.