Teaching supplies and games in Yuanlin


I arrived in Taiwan yesterday. I want to teach English privately because of my medical problems. Can anyone advise me where can I pick up some educational supplies in Yuanlin town? I’ve been searching for a whiteboard, magnets, stationery ( other than the limited range in 7/11!) games like connect 4 etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks very much.

You could try the following (I haven’t been to any of them, just going off Google maps):

Tien Chiao Shih Books
49 Zhongshan Road Section 2

235-1 Zhongzheng Road

280 Sanmin East Street
員林鎮三民東街280號 ‎
(04) 838-3927

For board games you would recognise from home you may have to go a bit further afield.

Join any of the facebook groups for Changhua and they will point you int he rather limited direction that you can go in your quest

facebook.com/groups/94538933 … rk_t=group
facebook.com/groups/35624802 … rk_t=group
facebook.com/groups/41693804 … rk_t=group