Tech questions we should know the answers to

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  1. If you were to acquire ahem a movie on the internet and it took the form of an ISO, could the ISO just be burned on to a DVD and then have it run in a commercial DVD player?

  2. If I wanted to print a certain page out of a document (pdf) that was 100 pages long, how would I do that?

[quote=“Funk500”]I’ll start

  1. If I wanted to print a certain page out of a document (pdf) that was 100 pages long, how would I do that?[/quote]

Just use File->Print (Ctrl-P) and choose Current Page or Pages X-X option.

If it is an .iso image conforming to the DVD-video spec, sure. You can mount it with .iso mounting software or an archive manager (like 7-zip) capable of opening isos and check its file structure. Generally if you see a VIDEO_TS folder, then it should be okay.

as to 2), you could also “print” to a separate .pdf if you have Acrobat. Document | Extract Pages

So I’ll try again.

Catalytic converters are made of Platinum (I think)
So does it make sense when scrapping your car to take the Cat off and flog it to the local tinker, melt it down, or use it to make a nice bit of jewelery for the Mrs?
I mean it must be worth something right?

if you are scrapping your car maybe. but then again, probably wouldn’t be worth your time to do this for the little platinum there is in there. still, people steal catalytic converters for exactly this reason, particularly the easily accessible ones on motorcycles. :frowning:


we’ll be scrapping our car, can I get a ring out of it? :slight_smile:

Sandman says you can have a go at his ring - anyone can!

Use Virtual Clonedrive to mount your ISO. It is free with no ads unlike daemon tools. You will notice a new dvd drive get added once you install Virtual Clonedrive and reboot. Open VC and right click the try icon, it will say “mount iso,” click on it and navigate to your iso file to mount. Open up Windows Media Player, and play dvd on the virtual drive.