Technical Writing - Expected Salary?

Hey, I’m going for an interview on one of those Technical Writing positions tomorrow. What’s a full time job in this area worth?

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I have just stepped off the plane a week ago, and don’t really have any idea about NT$… I have excellent experience (prior professional writing, prior technical writing, strong technical knowledge, prior experience working in Taiwanese offices, a little Chinese, etc. etc…), so I hope this will increase the package.

Hmmmm, I amnot sure you will get a ‘package’ as such, but more likely a base salary and bonus scheme/stock options. I have friends who make NT$35k a month doing tech writing and I have others that make NT$80,000. It just depends on which company. Dont sell yourself short though.

You should get at least 13 months salary. That is to say, a month (or even two) minimum bonus salary at Chinese New Year.


Your salary will depend on your experience and job role… If you have plenty of experience and the job is specialized, then you should ask for more; it helps if you are an off-islander to get the higher salary, of course… If the number that they offer seems low, I suggest you demand stock options if it is a big company… I think you shouldn’t work for less than 50 to 80 thousand a month… I wouldn’t… You have to keep in mind that even if you get 80 thousand a month, that that salary is still lower than the lowest level available to technical writers working in California, for example… You have to decide if it is worth banking the experience. I have a tech job now, and were I to change employers, even here in Taiwan, I would demand more than I am getting now… I think if you are writing original material and not just rehashing existing stuff, then you deserve 100k at least, and that is what I would ask for as a bare minimum if you already have three years experience… If you have no experience, try for 70 or 80 at least… But it all comes down to the company and their profit margins and overall size, or, simply, the generosity of the organization/president…

Good luck…

I find Chinese tech companies are exceedingly cheap. They don’t want to pay any more than that they can legally get away with. When you go to an interview and demand an equitable salary, be prepared to just walk away from the company if they insist on being cheap. If they need your skills that bad, they’ll meet your price. The other thing to remember, is get a good…no, a great…salary coming in the door, because once you sign the contract you won’t get shit for a raise in the future. They’ll milk you for all you’re worth, expecting you’ll leave anyway within a year or two and then they can replace you with someone else for 2/3 your salary.

I heard some Indian programmers in the Hsinchu Science Park get paid 10k NT a month. I can’t see how anyone could survive one week on that let alone a whole month. They get a free room in the company dorm and discounted food, but still. Sheesh.


quote[quote]I heard some Indian programmers in the Hsinchu Science Park get paid 10k NT a month. [/quote]

Must be a myth. Minimum for foreign workers is about NT15,000.

Originally posted by Fuzzball: ...once you sign the contract you won't get shit for a raise in the future.

Uh huh, that was my experience at “Trade Winds.” Now that guy Torrid thinks he is going to get some kind of “sky’s the limit” deal out of “Trade Winds’” latest morph, “Interface Global.” He’s going to be sorely disappointed.

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I got 47K NT/month, no bonuses and free food at Acer… and there’s no way in hell I’d work for a cent less.

dngermous… you should ask for at least 200,000 - 300,000 K more annually… Don’t let them rip you…