Teen Slang--what is "Arab League"?

I teach several groups of 13-17 year old girls (Catholic School) and several times I have heard some of them using the term (in Mandarin) “Arab League”. I know this is slang, and I wonder if any of you old-timers could clue me in. Many TIA!

Your students are your best teachers - when you hear them use a word, ask them what it means.

Maybe it’s not adolescent slang. Maybe they are far more worldly than you suspect.


13 year-olds in Taiwan discussing world events? :astonished: Who’d a thunk?

most likely referring to someone or something greasy. arab = oil = grease.

Well guys, I pulled my most trusted gal to the side and we had a little chat. Seems that it is a loosly used term that we would express as stepping into shit, getting pissed on, or just in general getting into a fucked up and shitty situation. The essence seems to be catching a good spray of piss or shit as an alternative to submitting to another’s suggestion. In other words, What should I do? Go to the Arab League or do what you say?

For those who are really interested, the character is the same as the “a” in A li shan.

If you cant trust a 16-year-old student in a Taiwanese girls’ Catholic high school, who can you trust?