Tell me how long you've been in Taiwan without telling me how long you've been in Taiwan

So, yeah, tell me how long you’ve been in Taiwan without telling me how long you’ve been in Taiwan.
I’ll start!

When I was about to visit home the first time after one year on the island, my father asked me:
“I heard of a company named HTC that seems to be doing well. It’s Taiwanese, right? Can you bring me one of those touch screen telephones they make when you come?”


Richard Harris was still alive

On my way to my very first Chinese language class, I stopped at the Diner for lunch. Their first location had just opened that week.


During my first year in Taiwan I got a quick release 50 NT coin holder and filled it up with 50 NT coins. I would use those coins to pay for my breakfast and lunch meals which were usually 50 NT or less.


I believe Chewie still actually lived here. :joy:


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I used to have a bunch of phone cards to make calls from phone boxes.

Every bank account I opened used to come with a bank book that you inserted in a special printer to check your transactions . oh wait…:slight_smile:


Looks like we arrived about the same time.

Somewhere between 1853 and the present day, right?


When I first arrived here, martial law hadn’t yet been lifted and MPs with machine guns guarded the bridges between Taipei City and Taipei County. :grandpa:


I’ve often wondered if that was to keep the Taipei City folk in, or the Taipei County folk out?



Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:


There was no MRT and NT$ 1/2 coins, NT$ 50 notes were a thing.


We went to party at Roxy 99 where we could get 2 free beers on Wednesdays.


They still had open sewers when I arrived. Had to help jack out a car that went in with a wheel.

And I always assumed you to be quite an arriviste :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Like Dr Milker…arrived before martial law was lifted. Lived at the International House in Taipei…later torn down and land used for part of the Daan park on Hsinyi road.

I do wonder if any other Forumosans lived at the International House…

About 3 weeks after I arrived, 911 happened. Spent hours after hours watching the special live coverage on CNN.

I’ve not been here as long as many of you (I’m post 921), but I’ve been here long enough to hear (on a daily basis) and fall in love with a typical Japanese style 臺語 ballad. It’s one I’m still trying to learn to sing :grin:. Sadly, those ladies I’ve met North of 臺南 often don’t know this classic. This song should date my arrival quite accurately :blush:. A masterpiece:

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What’s a Chiang Kai Shek? Apparently it’s in the airport’s name.


When I oversleep I say, “Gun!”