Temp/flounder forum?

What the flip? Why are there now 2 forums?

An excellent question. Here’s the answer:

[quote]Flounder Forum (No Expiry)
Forumosans and Forumosan Mods may use this for silly posts, posted articles without original content, threads that don’t belong in any of the other forums, and any threads that smell fishy or ~ahem~, like a flounder.[/quote]

[quote]Temp Forum (15 day expiry on unanswered posts)
This forum has a 15-day shelf life for the topics within. Forumosans and Forumosan Mods may use this for posts that don’t need a permanent home on Forumosa, multiple postings, and posts that just don’t make any sense.[/quote]

It’s a good change to have a Temporary Forum where threads expire after 15 days, and one where they don’t expire. A good move!

I would like to see the Flounder Forum renamed as the “Funny Forum” or “Funny Farm” or “Just for Laughs” or some other title as many of us already associate Flounder Forum with the Temporary Forum. It might get a bit confusing for people. After being on this site for over two years, I’ve read a lot of feedback from people who want to know why they got floundered/temped, and one thing that came up a few times is the terms flounder/temp make posters feel their threads are “not worthy” so they’re sent to the trash can.

:ponder: flounder forum…isn’t that what the open forum was/is for?

I don’t think the Open Forum is/was as silly

I don’t think the Open Forum is/was as silly[/quote]

True true…perhaps, as mentioned above by other posters, we should re-name the flounder forum to the funny forum or funny flounders or Whims or … you get the point :slight_smile:

Oh go on, call it ‘Tom’s pages,’ or sumtin like that. It will add mystique to the site.

Anyway, glad to see my voice will have a permanent place to rest!

Now, will users split hairs if a thread is temped and not floundered?

Give em an inch…

I don’t think the Open Forum is/was as silly[/quote]
Right. The Open Forum is still a discussion forum, or at least is supposed to be. The Flounder Forum doesn’t have to be constrained by those parameters. Hey, maybe it’s a monologue forum. Maybe a group chat forum. :idunno: It’s for not-very-serious topics, at any rate.