temporary housing in Taiwan


I’m going to spend a few months in Taiwan, definitely in Taipei and possible in Tainan.

I’d like to know what options there are for short-term accommodation. I’ve check Airbnb and I’ll use that if necessary, but I’m hoping there may be other options.

When I have to make similar arrangements for Hong Kong, there are plenty of serviced apartments (i.e. subdivided flats) that will rent out on a month-to-month basis. I haven’t found anything similar in Taiwan. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places though.

Grateful for any advice!

I’m already here and I’d be interested to know what other people say as well…because I want another short term place or two before I decide where to settle.

I can tell you my experience- I used AirBnb to find my first place. From what I am seeing, you will usually pay way more than what normal rent would be. I also have a hard time telling what listings are actually an apartment or “independent suite” vs what is just a room in a shared apartment. The listings/translations on AirBnb leave much to be desired.

You could look through here: https://rent.591.com.tw/new/ (google translate can usually do a decent enough job that you can manage a search area and figure out what is listed). I have found a few listings on that site that will say “short term rental” etc, and they will often do month to month. I don’t actually know how to specifically search for that condition…but perhaps there is a way. I found one here in Taitung that way. I went to look at it and met with the landlord, it just ended up being way smaller than what I wanted.

Good luck, I’ll be watching this thread!

591.com.tw is the most recommended. Use Google to translate. Maybe get someone to help after arrive.

I think there’re lots of short=term accommodation. Just depend on where you want to rent and you budget.https://www.591.com.tw/rent-detail-1751856.html >>this website page may help you.

Googling for “serviced apartments taipei” seems to return many options. Are those not what you are looking for?

He is looking in Taitung. I think pickings would be … slim.

Serviced apartments are definetively more of a Taipei thing, outside of Taipei… but mroe difficult. If you are bnot staying taht long in one place, hostels, Airbnb may be your best choice. Short term rentals are very few already.

If I needed to stay a month in Taipei, I will probably go on booking.com and find a hostel that has a private room available or looking around at hotels that are not necessarily in the center of town but have a good connection to town. And then offer them a long-term rate. It is almost the same as a service department no deposit or anything required. There are a lot of one room places first students around.