🎾 Tennis | Tennis In Taipei!

Need suggestions for places to play tennis in Taipei (pereferably near Liuchangli or Chunghsiao-Tunhua MRT). I go to Shi-Da as well - is there a way for MTC students to play at Shi-Da? And to check out tennis racquets? I don’t even have a racquet! What am I thinking?

Oh, what about indoor courts when it snows? Kidding. But really, what about indoor courts?


I see peeps playing at the TaiDa University courts across from the MacDonald’s on Hsin-Sheng South Rd. Sec 3. The courts are floodlit and i’m sure if you just minced in there and started playing, provided that there’s room, no-one would bat an eyelid.

No-go at TaiDa unless you become a member (i.e. fork out a load of ca$h). If you’re prepared to drive, there some great courts (about 20) along the river in NeiHu (between MinSheng E and NanJing E roads, just across from the bridges). If you go on the weekend, you’ll have to wait a while, until the old buggers, kids and dogs vacate a court, but you will see girls playing tennis there (it seems to be a rare sight in Taiwan). If you go there in the morning, the main problem is deciding which oft eh 20 courts you want to use (i.e. the place is empty).

Oh, and it’s free…

There’s another place at the end of Civic Blvd (go through the underpass, turn left and drive a km up the road). There’s courts scattered around the place, including a couple under the freeway. But be warned, there’s a 100km/hr gust of wind that is guaranteed to keep you running after stray balls.

I bought a racket for a friend from a little tennis shop along ZhongShan Nth Rd, maybe near NanJing E Rd. It was a pretty reasonable price, plus the guy who works there also coaches at the courts along MinShenf East Rd (there’s some sort of centre there). The cost is reasonable - I think a couple of hundred for a couple of hours, but it might be hard to get a court in the evenings.

Good luck!


hi all,

i’m looking for someone to hit with. i’m a club level player, whatever that means. email alexhyleung@yahoo.com or call 0911 328 711. i live near warner village and work by Chung Hsiao and Tun Hua.


There’s plenty of courts along the river just under the yung ho?? bridge. Is it called yung ho bridge?? Dunno, but it’s the one the comes from Yungho road, Yungo and goes into Taipei. We usually go for a whack on Sundays, and welcome any hacks to come along. If you can hit it fairly well, then you’re not welcome :smiling_imp: , after all, it’s only right that an Aussie should be dominating the courts :wink: . Nah seriously, if anyone wants a hit, there’s plenty there, and they’re all free. And I might even pull the 200G out of its case.

We bought our rackets in Gongguang (sp). My Max200g was $NT4,800 and my mates Wilson cost him 5 2. There were a few sport stores there, but we didn’t shop around too much. Why haggle for a couple of hundred bucks from store to storeb when the sun is shining outside?

hi guys, i am new to Taipei - have just started the mandarin course in MTC, NTNU. I am looking for tennis club or sparring partner, to play tennis and meet new friends. Anyone can suggest a tennis club in Taipei city?



Hey everyone,

I got to Taipei about a month ago and was wondering if anyone was playing tennis either recreationally or in a league. I’m an intermediate player, I played doubles on my varsity high school team that won the state tournament 3 out of 4 years. I haven’t played too much since then and I am starting to get back into the sport. Post or PM me if you are interested or have any info, thanks!

Email me for a game anytime. I’m also a recent arrival to Taipei. I would describe myself as a strong recreational player.

I’m in as well, haven’t played for years but I recently got a racket and would like to get back on that, email me!

Hey, I’ll be interested in playing. Sent you a PM.

Section61 and Charmander, check your pm box and Cara check your mails.

Intermediate tennis player here in Taipei and interested in playing also.

A very rusty tennis player here, too. I live in Da-An and would be interested in playing once a week or once every couple of weeks or so.


Dr keith and Charmander, check your pm box and unihead, where are you located in taipei?

We play every Sunday afternoon in Taipei city, do you live in Taipei?

Hi everyone

I will be heading to Taipei in Dec. Just wondering if you guys are still playing tennis and have space for one more.

I am a pretty strong singles player but have been playing more doubles recently to get myself to work on my net game.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Hi there

I’ll be in Taiwan in Dec for a holiday and am thinking of meeting up with some tennis crazy people for a hit.

I would consider myself to be a pretty strong singles player who has been playing more doubles recently.

My holiday plans are not confirmed yet but I intend to b there in mid-Dec. If you would like to arrange a game please contact me at valium_78@hotmail.com.


Wen (from Singapore)

Rowley, et al. - I’m up for some tennis in Taipei. I was a competitive junior player, but that’s been 10 years, so who knows where I rank now. I’m in Da-an/Xinyi area (willing to travel some).

Others looking, I am also an enthusiastic player, mostly doubles. I’m a strong doubles player, and love all aspects of the game. Would like to hear from you, it seems there are not that many foreign players in Taipei.