Teppanyaki & Soup in Tonghua Night Market

I have visited a shop/restaurant in Tonghua Night Market that sells set meals that comprise of teppanyaki and a pot of soup. Can someone remind me the name of that shop? Can someone give me their contact number? Thanks.

You’ll need to be a bit more specific, as there are at least five teppanyaki places in that night market.

That shop is located in one of the alley. It is quite a popular shop I think as there is always queue in front of the shop. The meals are usually served in wooden holders with main course in hot plate and a pot of soup. Free flow of soft drink for their customers. They cook and prepare their meals in front of the shop.

Well, now you’ve narrowed it down to about three or four. :laughing:
I think your best bet would be to go back and get their namecard. While you’re there, you could also try the stinky tofu place beside the Pakistani guys selling rotis. Best stinky tofu in town!

I’ll have to try that one sometime. The stinky tofu place I normally go to is not in the main part of the night market. From the main night market, go north on Tonghua Street, turn left on the next lane up (there’s a great sausage stand right on the corner) and it is on the left a few shops down. Love their fried stinky tofu with cabbage. Mmm mmm.

The one I can recommend and I go there often after work (like early in the morning) is called the red ants, it is about 200 meters from Keelung Road on the right hand side of the night market. Careful there are two just next to each other, the first one is horrible it is the second one that you are looking for, anyway the one I refer to. They have the menu in English as well. You can get absolutely stuffed for perhaps 150NT$ a head including soup and softdrinks, place as clean as you can expect it in a busy nightmarket. Great for a first of a second meal of the night. Open till 1’30 during the week, Fri/Sat approx. 3am or later.