Tequila Time - XinDian

I found this mexican restaurant the other day and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and particularly the portion sizes.

I had a flick through the menu and they had a good selection of mexican food to choose from, probably more than the mexican’s i’ve been to in Taipei city. All the food looked good and prices were pretty reasonable too.

Average set meal - less than $300nt inc. drink, salad, soup (which was lovely), and dessert.
Corona - 90nt
Heineken - 90nt

They had a some tequila drinks but I didn’t pay much attention to that as it was a Monday night.

The chicken fajitas i had were great. Came on a big plate with salad, refried beans, home-made salsa, avacado, sour cream, tomatoes and 3 tortillas.

Service was good, restaurant is nice, they have smoking seats outside too.

I can’t remember the exact address and it is a bit difficult to find.

From QiZhang MRT / XinDian City Hall look at the map in the station and find ZhongZheng road. when you get to zhong zheng follow that road towards the mountains (away from the river), you will see a park/building site on your right as you are walking down this road. At the end of zhong zheng road you will come to zhongxing road, turn right onto that and walk to the first set of traffic lights. Cross over the zhongxing road and on that lane you should see “Tequila Time”

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