Term Life Insurance

Does anyone have advice on buying very basic and simple term life insurance either from a company in Taiwan, or an ins. agency specialized in expats? (No it’s not the Taiwan traffic scaring me–life ins. is just something you should have if you have dependent children.)

I am from the US; there are two drawbacks to getting US-based policies: 1) you have to get a health check done in the US, and 2) they always ask where and how long you will be overseas. The word Taiwan seems to make the quote rise. (I guess Taiwan is lumped with unknown and dangerous locations like Ivory Coast, I don’t know.)

I also prefer some details in writing in English. I called one int’l agency–ING–but they said in Taiwan, they only offer info. in Chinese. In the end, if English info is too much to ask, I could get something in Taiwan if the price is reasonable and the company reputable.