Terminating contract to change jobs as OFW (overseas Filipino worker)

Hi, i am transfer ofw here in taiwan i found a new company but i dont like it i want to change company can i terminate my contract and find another job again here in taiwan? i will notify my employer to terminate my contract before 1 month because that is what say in my contract.
by the way i just starting here not have 1 week yet
i want to change company but i dont know if it is allowed ?
I hope u can help me
thank you

What’s your job?

Factory Worker

You need to talk to your broker (do you have one?) or your recruitment agency. Or you can also get in touch with your nearest TECO. The nature of your ARC is different when you’re doing a blue-collar job. You can’t just change jobs by yourself.


Some information you may check.


Article 59 of Employment Service Act

Directions of the Employment Transfer Regulations and Employment Qualifications for Foreigners Engaging in the Jobs Specified in Items 8 to 11,Paragraph 1,Article 46 of the Employment Services Act Chinese


Yes i have one, they said i am free to terminate my contract by them, but they dont know if i can change to another job. They told me try for 3 months but i dont think i will last for another month here
i still dont have my ARC they still processing it because my ARC before expire last Oct 5, 2020.

You may call 1955 to ask.

The 1955 hotline also provides the following services: consultation, complaint, legal aid and information, referral protection and relocation, online real-time interpretation, and other related government agency information.

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Okay, Thank you for all the information

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I would strongly advise you to rethink your plans of resignation unless you are prepared to go back to the Philippines. May I ask why you don’t think you can last in this job? It seems too early to quit.

As I know, somw factory workers are now allowed to transfer to a new job AFTER THEIR CURRENT CONTRACT ENDS.

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I was wondering the same thing. If they are not treating you decently, there are laws about that. Speak to your broker, or, if they don’t care, try the helpline recommended by tando. This isn’t the Philippines - valid complaints, especially if they involve a breach of employment law, will be taken seriously.

Yes its my second option if i its not allowed to find another job after i terminate my contract i will just go back home

this past few months have many things that happen to me and then i feel like i am getting a depression but it got worse when i change company because the environment is so sad here its nothing its so sad here

Yes i finished ky contract last oct 5, and then i transfer in my current work now last oct 6 i still dont have 1 week here but i feel i cannot take more than a month here :sob::sob::sob:

And my department i got there on my 1st day but after a few hours they left me alone i still not yet know anything and they are planning to teach me more process that need 1 by 1 need to learn for atleast a month. It difficult to me because i dont really speak chinese and they dont speak english

In my old company we all speak english so i did not have a chance to learn mandarin.

Im just getting a depression here atlease it i find new company i will got to the company that i have a friend so even if a little i can recover

There is so many happening to me so i am getting weak and my emotion eat me

Hi, just FYI I changed the thread title because not everyone knows the term OFW. I also added the “blue_collar” tag because sometimes there’s confusion about the different rules for “white collar” and “blue collar” workers.

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TBH it sounds like you are homesick and having trouble adjusting to life in Taiwan. Just changing jobs might not help with that. Are you aware of the Filipino communities in your city? Just hanging out with people who speak your first language would probably help a lot.

If your company liaison staff don’t speak adequate english to properly train you, I think you have a valid reason for transfer. They keep changing the rules, but I’m fairly certain it’s allowed (it wasn’t a few years back). Try calling 1955 in the first instance. These guys will give you some good advice.

By the way - if you have to write a formal letter stating your complaint, make an effort to use standard English. I’m having some trouble following your posts, and officials who are reading it as their second language (and are very busy) will simply not take you seriously if you write in Facebook-speak.

My advice, for whatever it’s worth: try to fix whatever is wrong in Taiwan, and stay there. You absolutely do not want to come back to the Philippines. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum, the country is falling apart, and it’s unlikely you will find any work here.


Are you still in touch with some of your friends here from your previous company? If yes then try to speak with them or meet with them. I understand how sad it can be to feel alone. Are you the only Filipino in your current job?

I think you’re just going through an adjustment period. Try to give it more time. Or stay in touch with your family back home, can you do video calls with them?