Termination of phone plan

Hi all,

I am not familiar with phone contract here in Taiwan and before I came my cousin provided me a number which was locked to Taiwan mobile for 2 years (special 499 promotion) under her name since I was not able to come to get it on my own.

I am now living in another city hence I do not see my relative often.

Since I am using the phone, I would like to change the owner of the phone number to mine, but since its locked i am not sure if i could cancel it and just get a new contract under my name with the same number.

Could you please advise if its possible to do so. Thank you

I once transferred a phone number from an individual to a company. I would imagine it’s similar for individual to individual transfers.

It’s been a while back, but if I remember correctly, you need the original owner to sign a document stating that she is willing to give the number and transfer it to you. You might also need her ID card and a Power of Attorney.

Your best bet is to go to Taiwan Mobile and ask what documents they would need.

Edit: Usually you can get out of existing contracts by paying some sort of penalty, which depends on how many months are left on the contract.

Without the person who signed the contract you can not do anything even if you are the one paying for it.