Terror Arrests/ New Tactic in UK

More idiocy, thankfully caught before harm was done.

[quote=“CBC”]British police in collaboration with MI5 security services raided 12 Birmingham addresses on Wednesday, arresting eight people suspected of planning a “different approach to terrorism” never before seen in the West.

The plot involved plans to capture a British Muslim soldier and carry out an “Iraqi-style” beheading, with the execution shown over the internet, unconfirmed Sky News reports said.

Media reports out of the U.K. quoted anonymous security sources as saying the thwarted terrorist operation would have marked a “different approach” to spreading fear.

The tactics would have been familiar in the Mideast, but not in any Western country. The potential victim was in police custody, Sky News reported.
Backed by local police and Scotland Yard, the Midlands counter-terrorism unit, which led the six-month operation, stormed at least four addresses in Birmingham starting at 4 a.m.

The locations targeted in raids included two residences and a general store in Alum Rock, as well as a bookstore specializing in Muslim literature in the Sparkhill area. The neighbourhoods have been described as lower-income areas of Birmingham and police also seized commercial property from the bookstore.

More nutcase terrorist Muslims planning to kill innocent people in the name of their god. Gee, what a surprise…

Just sick. Yes, thank goodness it was caught in time.

Anybody catch this part? Targeting fellow Muslims who are supporting unbelievers is a typical ploy of jihadists. They declare the Muslim an apostate -thereby deserving death under Islamic law.