Terror in Vienna

10/31 protests in Vienna over impending lockdown
11/2 a “terror” group with automatic weapons starts randomly killing people in Vienna

“The shooting began just hours before Austria was to re-impose a coronavirus lockdown”

Only 1 person in the “terror” group was killed/captured. The others are still at large.

People are now scared into staying at home.

Things that make you go hmmm :thinking:

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Was it radical Hindus again?


Hey! I was reading that.

Speaking of which, 10 hindu houses have been vandalized / burnt down in Bangladesh for they were giving their support to France:

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The attacker could have either been an Islamic extremist, or a far-right neo-Nazi.

Unfortunately, antisemitism is not something that’s so extreme in the Islamic world. It’s blatantly open but no one wants to address it.

Could have. But nope.

The main perpetrator was from Macedonia. Previously jailed for trying to join ISIS.

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Was he the one who managed to persuade the deradicalization experts that they’d successfully deradicalized him, thus securing early release?


Holy shit, the ridiculous conspiracies on this site. If it’s not anti-vaxxers, it’s false flag operations. Enough already.

Where’s the false flag operation? I haven’t read the whole thread.

EDIT: Got it, the OP.

The Austrian authorities f*up big time.

This terrorist was well known. He tried to enter Syria to join the IS but was caught! They sentenced him to 22 months but released early. He convinced them he is not a radical anymore.
This summer he went to Slovakia and tried to purchase bullets! He was caught and the police warned Austria’s intelligence agency about the incident, but no action was taken.

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Deradicalization is useless. It’s like trying to persuade a predatory pedophile to stop. But, people still try.


It never ends. It’s not even that bad in the west and in most of asia. Imagine living in these places as a non muslim.

Universities, maternity wards…

How can these people possibly be deradicalized?

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