TESOL portfolio of investments

Anyone interested in this discussion about TESOL-related investments?

With the proviso that we invest in what we know… how’s about some ideas for a TESOL-related portfolio?

Pearson appealed to me…
We lead our markets in quality, innovation and in profitability, and bring together some of the most valuable brands in publishing: the Financial Times, Penguin, Dorling Kindersley, Scott Foresman, Prentice Hall, Addison Wesley and Longman. From our roots as the world’s largest book publisher, we’ve grown to provide a range of related services: testing and learning software for student of all ages; data for financial institutions; public information systems for government departments.


Any other obvious ones?

Are you serious?

Yes, actually, I thought it would be a goofy idea to put together a TESOL p/f and then backtrack its performance. I’m looking for likely candidates.

But since TESOL/TEFL isn’t really a recognised area in investment yet, I thought we’d have to create our selection of companies based on our knowledge of their involvment in TESOL/TEFL.

It’s goofy, I’ll admit, but then I dunno, let’s see the results!

Well, no other suggestions?
I don’t think TESOL schools are listed as such, yet, even Shane isn’t listed.

publishers, travel companies?, …

Princeton Review?

Scholastic Press
My wife likes a lot of their books for teaching.

John Wiley & Sons

McGraw Hill

And of course
Reed Eslevier

Just a few thoughts, mostly these are publishers…

So what you are looking at is publishers plus bigger education providers, along with select travel agencies.

Somewhat limited and not risk averse at all, however if you believe in it, good luck.

Also, how do you see long term growth in this market and how will the growth ome about, and also in what sub-sectors will the growth take place?

That’s important questions to get a grip on when allocating funds to the various sub-sectors.

In one real sense I’m completely invested in the ESL business. I’d be better off diversifying. If you make your living from it then it’s a big investment.

And people spend huge money on it. All of Pearsons other business is underwritten by the selling of kids English teaching materials. It is the same at Oxford. That is the problem with investing in such a company. You might think you are buying into an ELT publisher, but really they publish a lot of other marginal less profitable stuff. If they were exclusive publishes of some successful texts they’d probably be great companies to buy.

Not so long ago in both Japan and Taiwan (and of course even now) when these economies were in a downturn, English teaching was the most successful business. That’s more successful than car companies and tech. firms. It is relatively recession proof. When kids come to my school their parents falk out the equivalent of buying two new computers a year. It’s quite an expense and there’d be plenty of schools where the parents would be paying plenty more.

Hmm, an anticyclical sector, like that.

Especially as the cyclicals are pointing a bit down now.

It is a growth area… but I’d rather put my money on the service providers, not the materials providers.

I think this a solid idea and quite interesting…

Kid Castle is listed


Here is another one


CHN is not ESL related but education related…

kid castle, unfortunately a penny stock, and still losing money.

A great idea.

Also, checked berlitz, privately held.
Couldn’t find lingo…

But it’s a great start!