Test a new way to post jobs

So, what do you think? You like??

  • Yes, and it’s about time
  • Hai bu cuo
  • Sorry, won’t use it
  • Let’s see what happens

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I’m hoping to integrate the Jobs Databases into the forums. This way producing the offline edition of the Classifieds Forum will be a snap.

Pls note:[ul][li]This is NOT a discussion forum :shock: (there are enough forums on the site for you to discuss a posting)[/li]
[li]ANYONE can post a job – either from the New Post button in this forum, or in the Job Database Format[/li]
[li]NO ONE can Reply :shock: [/li]
[li]Only registered members should be able to edit their postings :stuck_out_tongue: [/li]
[li]If we get a moderator for this forum :smiley: , this person will be responsible for clearing (removing) filled positions and inappropriate ones[/li][/ul]

Please report bugs to me at gus@segue.com.tw