Test draft test

Ok, it works now :slight_smile:

[quote=“gus”]Ok, it works now :slight_smile:[/quote]What does it do ?

I was actually referring to two different situations here:

  1. The Draft Message function works – you can start a message or reply, but not make it publicly viewable until you are finished with it. I believe this would be more useful for less busy forums that ask long questions (ie Legal Forums)

  2. I had tried to make an adjustment after setting up the Draft Message function, but instead of adding a new feature, I screwed up the ability to post messages. The forum went “silent” for 2 hours yesterday before two people SMSed me to report that the posting was diabled

So you can’t see the post I made above ?

Correct. The only thing that we see is the UNDER CONSTRUCTION phrase (but be aware: methinks Maoman sees all)

That is correct.

Really? What colour underwear am I wearing?

[quote=“stragbasher”]Really? What colour underwear am I wearing?[/quote]Trick question, you’re not wearing any.

There was a test?

No one told me there was a test! I didn’t have time to study.

I failed didn’t I?

Can I do a catch up test?