Test Your Climate Change Knowledge

Dumb info

Yeah it’s terrible. Hence the fun and games forum.

Astro-turf climate-denialist front group.

The CO2 Coalition is a nonprofit climate change denial advocacy organization in the United States founded in 2015.[1][2] The group’s claims are disputed by the vast majority of climate scientists.[1] The organization has 69 members.[3] The organization been funded by energy industry firms and conservative activists who oppose climate change mitigation policies, such as the Mercer Family Foundation and Koch brothers.[4][1] It is viewed as the successor to the George C. Marshall Institute.[5]


Somehow, it’s never just fun & games

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That said about their climate change denial. Are their questions-answers inaccurate?

Got as far as here before groaning " Antarctica is warming and melting" that’s not a fun and games discussion, the next one’s answer " NASA says that sea ice extents are increasing slightly" is a play with words and selective sampling, we used to play these games with Fred Smith for years. In the IP section.


It’s more a game for those of us who can’t be arsed.