Testifying against family members

In a recent court case, a wife was forced by the judge to testify against her husband. I thought that in a civilized country that there would have been a law against this sort of stuff. It’s only common sense. Why doesn’t Taiwan have any common sense? What a bunch of backward, barbaric people!

What’s wrong with that?

Im most civilized countries, law takes precedence over family bonds.

In most states in the US, and in other countries, one cannot be forced to testify against ones spouse (though one can do so voluntarily if one wishes). It’s prohibited for the same reason that attorney/client, doctor/patient and priest/penitent conversations are usually inadmissable. People should have a right to share information in certain types of relations without fear it may come back to harm them. Otherwise people would not confide in their attorneys, doctors, priests and spouses when maybe they should. The law is for the good of society.

A woman who told police she returned home after a domestic dispute to find her husband beside a dead prostitute told a judge Monday she will not testify in the case. Under state law, Melanie Collins cannot be compelled to testify against her husband, Ronald Collins.
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The wife of former Democratic fund-raiser John Huang is joining her husband in invoking her Fifth Amendment right to refuse to answer questions from Senate investigators. . .Besides the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, Mrs. Huang is invoking the spousal privilege, which prohibits her from being questioned about discussions she had with her husband.

I don’t know what Taiwan law says on the subject.