Testing your character knowledge

Is there any test or website that I can go to that can test how many characters I know?

I have heard of such a thing existing before, and I’d be very curious in taking such a test.
I know it wouldn’t be the most accurate thing in the world, but it would help me set new goals for myself for my Chinese learning. Especially since I want to eventually reach a level of Chinese in which I can read simple adult literature with some ease (I can kinda read advanced stuff already but it takes me foreverrrr, and then I get bored.)

Anyhow, if you have heard of a site or process in which this can be done, please tell me!

There was a thread here linking to such a test, once. I haven’t got time to search for it right now, though, sorry. Have a look, using the Search function, perhaps?


Here’s the link to a test that was posted a while back. http://www.clavisinica.com/character-test.html

My bad guys,

Thanks again for the link almas john.

Not at all! :laughing: