Text messaging to Canada

Does anybody know how to send a text message to a cell phone in Canada?

I’ve tried the country codes and a bunch of other stuff…none of them seem to go through.

email me: rigbot23@yahoo.com


Did you put a plus sign “+” in front of the number? You have to do this for any long distance from a cell, both call and sms. :wink:

Sometimes there are limitations in the subscription and/or roaming agreements between the providers.
I have never figured out why it works sometimes, but not other times for me in Europe.

Once, a friend received close to 100 SMSs from me with the text “Test”, 2 days after I sent it… :doh:

Taiwan to Canada: 016-1-(area code)-number

Canada to Taiwan: 011-886-9-5555-5555

This should work. I was always able to text my brother in BC and he was always able to reply within minutes. Good luck!