Thank You to the Concerned Human Rights Activists for Supporting Ukraine

Dear Human Rights Activists:

Thanks so much for marching in the thousands and burning your passports to help defend Saddam against evil imperialist forces!

I would like to thank all of you for showing equal bravery in standing up to Russian aggression against Ukraine! Your consistent moral stances are a true and fitting example of the moral philosophy that underpins your actions!!! Congratulations!!!

My only concern is to find out: when is the next march? passport burning? sit in? peace protest?

Rest assured, I will sign up for any and all… So? When is it? Where are they?

yeah a 90% Russian territory wanted to be Russian, shocker, even a fairly tale believing rube like you Fred can wrap your head around this.

trying to rabble rouse the strawmen liberals you make us all out to be again? hilarity! you’d profit more from your pet cause of trying to convince people science is BS.