Thanks for the expletives, Bassman

That site you linked to doesn’t just list Chinese swear words! Great fun!

How to insult, swear, cuss, and curse in 150 languages!

Thanks to over 4,000 contributors, Swearsaurus is the world’s largest resource of multilingual swearing. It will teach you a vast array of swearing, profanity, obscenity, blasphemy, cursing, cussing, and insulting in a massive 150 languages - because it’s good to experience cultural diversity!

The Bulgarians and Romanians sure are creative peoples.

Gladna Karpatska Valchitza s Dalag Kosam Minet Da Ti Prai Deeba
Let a hungry Karpatian long-haired She-wolf blow your dick, Fuck

Duce-te-ai in pizda ma-tii ca sa-i faci laba lu ala micu cand te fut in cur! Go back into your mother’s cunt so that you can help your unborn brother jerk off while I fuck you in the ass!

Wait, wait, wait…a “seel” is a vagina and a “goose” is a dick in Somali? That’s cute.

That’s priceless! Now I can finally tell off that a-hole down the street who likes to stare me down every day! :smiling_imp:

You’re welcome boys.

Disclaimer: If you get beaten up, fired, or sodomised etc. because you used any of those expletives… IT’S NOT MY FAULT.

Well, like Joe says to the giant rat in “Da Boom” episode of “Family Guy”:

“BRING IT ON!!!” :smiling_imp: :bluemad: :stuck_out_tongue: