Thanks, with initial capital letter


I realise there’s another post directed specifically at the mods, but I’d just like to say “thank you” to all of you who participate here for keeping the standards high.

I occasionally post on a health-related BBS for British people, and the atmosphere is radically different. On forumosa, it’s possible to have intelligent debates without (generally speaking) the whole thing descending into fingerpointing and shouting. Even when people disagree radically, nobody storms off in a huff or dissolves into floods of tears.

Contrast that with the UK site, where most of the discussion is bland to the point of inanity. Anyone who posts a slightly contentious remark is pounced upon for being ‘unsupportive’, or ‘offensive’ (I’m not referring to myself in particular - I’ve seen it happen to several of the regulars). A good fraction of the members are, not to put too fine a point on it, a bit simple. Some of them can’t string a sentence together or express themselves clearly. Some of them are nutcases: they’ll come and ask a question and then get mortally offended when someone offers an answer that doesn’t confirm their opinions. This usually results in the entire thread being deleted by the mods, who pander to the lowest common denominator, ostensibly in the interests of keeping the peace.

So yeah. Thanks for being normal people. Forumosa reminds me that not everyone on the planet is a drooling idiot, trawling cyberspace for something to be offended by.


I love you too, mate. Seriously, I do.


th’ bear abides



Hi Finley,

no problem, we are here for people like you. Although I can’t read all what you wrote, not right now, I’m pleased to see that there are still some people grateful people. To make a welcoming and useful Forumosa is not easy, but we are happy to work hard and make your experience better.

If you have any other comments (especially positive) please don’t hesitate to share them. We are delighted to read them when we find the time.



Non-capitalized first letter in the thread title is bothering me :smiley:




Didn’t know you were a moderator!


I’m the new sheriff admin here. so don’t fuck with me boy.


Dammit, @finley! Why do you have to be so classy?


And there’s another thing. Sticklers for proper grammar and capitalisation. Makes me feel right at home.


Abides what? Or where? I know its hard to finish your sentences without opposable thumbs, but give it a go, you awful creature you.


Wow, an admin! Congrats on being a voluntary dictator.


I’d like to dispute this assertion. Without opposable thumbs, how would they give bear hugs?


Ask Sam Elliott.


hmmm. I’m not sure thumbs are supposed to be involved in hugs.



You obviously haven’t been doing it right.


Hang on, what are ‘people like me’?

I think I should probably be offended. I may need a safe space.




num num


Thanks! We try hard. Of course, everybody here makes it the place it is. I hope in some small way we’re contributing to the kind of atmosphere that like-minded people want to spend time in.