Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner

Yep. Turkey until Christmas.


Kudos to Auntie Nia. Beggars can’t be choosers, and turkey day in Taiwan is definitely a seller’s market.

That said, I wish Auntie would work a bit on the presentation if Americans are her target (big if, I realize).

A basket of bread and a bowl of the Anchor butter pats would probably do the trick. The olive kebab skewers should just go away. While the skewers are 100% Taiwan, to an American on this day it says parsimony (which is profoundly anti-Thanksgiving). More bread, fewer kebabs would probably boost the margin, too.

I am looking for a place to get stuffing. I contacted these guys this morning, but now that I see the stuffing, I’m not so sure. This looks like large chunks of damp bread. How did you like the stuffing?

It’s easy to make if you have an oven, you can just do it in a baking pan.


Looks like public school cafeteria food…

I’m sure you can do it, but I doubt I could. It’s funny how the things I grew up with are what I expect…I just googled some simple recipes for stuffing and nothing even remotely looked like stuffing I’ve ever eaten before and much more like the loose, damp, bread chunk salad I saw in Baba Kevin’s. None even had ground sausage! I looked up ground sausage stuffing recipes and most still looked weird to me. This is closes in appearance to what I want…but johnsonville sausage seems somewhat sacrilegious to me. Sausage Stuffing

I know what you mean, stuffing has to be the way you know it. But ever finding any that fits that bill here (whatever your own may be!) sounds like a tall order. For me it would be chicken liver etc. and not sausage :slight_smile: Now my new normal is chestnut stuffing.

That looks atrocious.

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It’s certainly reminiscent of airline food.

The meal was ok, nothing spectacular, and most food is usually very good.

I suppose you can’t expect much for 585NT.

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Well I guess thanksgiving/christmas dinners always look better before the food is distributed.


It doesn’t look so bad to me. The turkey looks like turkey and doesn’t seem to include fat, ligaments, or organs, which is a big plus.


The bread roll looks plastic and even if they are using butter like that they should remove it first.

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Of course you’re right, but I’m going for food, not photography lessons. They’re not putting their best foot forward, but it’s like the burger joint that shows pictures of what you’ll actually get, as opposed to McDonalds or Burger King which shows you food that has never existed in one of their stores.

Baba Kevin’s sides were great, especially the stuffing. Their gravy was too light and sweet for my liking…the TAS gravy was much better. It wasn’t bad, just not what I wanted. Everything else was great and perfect for the occasion.

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