Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner

Already overwhelmed with the search and the options. Any suggestions? Dine-in, not take-home. Buffet with alcohol would be ideal (my Thanksgiving away from home when I lived in China was a buffet at a brewery – it was a good time). If not, that’s okay. Interested in a range of prices. Please let me know your experiences!

(For the curious, I have been looking at Carnegie’s, Amba, Pig and Pepper. The Grand Hyatt is intriguing but probably way too expensive…)

Haven’t seen much advertising for American Thanksgiving meals, only seen a lot of people asking in different places.

The nicer Western hotels always have something yep not cheap.

When we ate meat, we got ours from RT Mart one year, and from the Sheraton hotel the next year. The RT Mart meal was akin to eating a dinner that you arrived several hours late to. It came in a foam box with turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, hot dogs, sausages, and…corn. The Sheraton was more “take home” friendly. More fresh. Similar except the hot dogs and corn, and came with cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, and a bottle of ok-ish wine. I think both cost around NT$3000 to NT$4000.

If you are really adventurous, and if it is a viable option, Costco has Turkeys this time a year, I think they were NT$50/kg or so. You can go to Jasons or City Super for the remaining accouterments. Or, DIY that, too.

Somebody posted this in another thread. Seems like a decent deal.

We’ve gotten this one a few times:

But I probably won’t get it again. Last year it was pretty dry. May just have been bad luck but there are options out there. May try Shangri la.

Far Eastern Shangri-la has turkey dinners until 31 Dec.


Yeah, I’ve been going off the lists from last year and seeing if anyone has posted about 2017.

I would consider if I could host at home, but there is no way. Looking exclusively at restaurants.

If only they did dinein, too.

These guys have a restaurant now. I’ve had their stuff for catering and it was good.

Dammit! I have to cook it myself!

I’m expecting Pringles or Lays to come out with “Turkey Dinner” and “Left-over Turkey Dinner” flavored potato chips and save me the trouble.

Alright, my friends and I are going to give On Tap a try. Seems like the right vibe for us. Not a buffet, but the pumpkin beer was a selling point. Will report back if I remember to do so.

Auntie Nia’s everyday until 30 Nov.


No offense intended, but that looks horrible… especially the stuffing.


It was just ok. Not one of their better dishes.

I like the one at Baba Kevin’s.

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Do they offer Thanksgiving dinner?

Hello! We have an ayce thanksgiving dinner and will have a christmas dinner as well but we’re located in Tainan. If any of you guys are ever down here come check us out!

Thanksgiving dinner

A little background: our restaurant is called FACTORY 共嚐美式料理坊 and my brother, husband, and I were all born and raised in California. My husband has 15 years of cooking experience and we wanted to bring some American flavors to Tainan. My family lives in Tainan which is why we didn’t open it in Taipei.


Welcome to Forumosa, and I love your handle!

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