Thanksgiving Dinner Turkey: Where to buy?

Brass Monkey usually makes the best turkey dinners, but they have a new owner now - looks like they’re doing buffet only (not great with a newborn). They are also doing it for ONLY on Thanksgiving - all other years, they extended a couple days before/after for working folks.

I feel like it’s time to change up my 5-year Brass Monkey thanksgiving turkey dinner… I bet some nice hotels have this?

Any ideas? Must include turkey breast and stuffing, at minimum :wink:

New Marriott has specials 5 kilo cooked turkey, I will check in the Lincoln continental Hotel also had good meal there
[| 高雄萬豪酒店|Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel (]

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This might be blasphemous to some. But honest question.

If cooked in a similar way, is goose comparable to turkey as far as eating goes?

I’m a veggie so it is a true unknown for me, quite curious if it could substitute. My assumption is goose is too oily.

Salt Lick in Hualien is having a Thanksgiving dinner.

Announcing the 10th annual Thanksgiving dinner feast (Thursday 11/24). This is our most popular meal of the year and will include smoked turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, bacon and walnut glazed sweet potatoes, veggies, a cornbread muffin and a slice of pumpkin pie, all for just NT650. All drinks including wine, beer and cocktails will be 20% off. Quantity is limited so send a message or call the shop (03) 833-2592 to make your reservation.





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At Wendel’s in Tianmu