That Small Radical Muslim Minority

I’d say the Brits might have a problem. Thank goodness it’s confined to an extremely small group not representative of Muslims in general.

7/7 bombings ‘justified’ say a quarter of British Muslims

ALMOST a quarter of British Muslims say the 7/7 bombings can be justified because of the Government’s support for the war on terror, according to an opinion poll.

And nearly half of those polled, or 45 per cent, believe the 9/11 attacks on New York were a conspiracy between the United States and Israel. The survey, for a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary to be screened tonight, found Muslims under 24 were twice as likely to justify the 7/7 attacks as those aged over 45. It found 24 per cent either agreed or tended to agree that the 7/7 bombings were justified, although 48 per cent said they “strongly disagreed”.

A third of those questioned said they would rather live under Sharia law in the UK than British law. [/quote]

They should open Sharia Law Summer Camps in the UK so British Muslims could get a real taste of it. Maybe hire the Sharia cops who locked schoolgirls in a burning school to explain WHY under Sharia Law, that was so important. Maybe demonstrate some crime and its punishment.

You can’t eat an ideology. But you sure can breath, feel and suffer a culture. Camp Imam would rattle a few cages I’m sure.

Look at what is currently happening in some schools…

[quote]Songs in the classroom and the roots of terror
Michael Gove

No matter how crucial the board meeting, how vital the negotiation, how pressing the deadline, there is one excuse which can justify your absence and which no-one, nowadays, will dare to question.

Simply explain that it’s your child’s first nativity play/violin solo for the school orchestra/sports day and your absence is not just understood. It’s required.

Just over a week ago the BBC screened some footage from a similar landmark episode in the life of some girls in a Middle Eastern school.

Beautifully turned out, and with faces shining, the children sang a carefully prepared anthem for their parents, friends and relatives. But the lyrics committed to heart by the girls of the al-Khalil al-Rahman Young Girls’ Association sat a little incongruously with the innocence of their appearance.

“We all sacrifice ourselves for our country,” they sang. “We answer your call and make of our skulls a ladder to your glory. A ladder.”

The song was recorded for a Panorama special presented by the veteran BBC reporter, John Ware. Ware was investigating how donations to the charity Interpal, which is dedicated to helping Palestinians in need, had been spent.

Interpal exists to support widows, orphans and others in need in the Palestinian territories. And no-one can deny that there is desperate poverty among Palestinians, which touches many hearts. But Ware’s painstaking work suggested that some of the institutions which benefit from that generosity are linked to the terrorist organisation, Hamas.

Interpal says that it is politically neutral in the collection and distribution of its funds, and that it has twice been investigated by the Charity Commission, which found that the organisation had no links to terrorists. Interpal has also won an apology and retraction from the Board of Deputies of British Jews, acknowledging that it is not a terrorist organisation.

But in the course of Ware’s investigation we saw young girls dancing to music which proclaimed: “Fasten your bomb belt, oh would-be martyr, and fill the square with blood so that we get back our homeland.”

Ware also aired serious allegations that Interpal is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, a worldwide organisation dedicated to establishing a politicised form of Islamic fundamentalism. We saw the spiritual head of the Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, arguing that “we must plant the love of death and the love of martyrdom in the Islamic nation”. And we also saw the Sheikh being embraced by Ken Livingstone on a recent visit to London. (more at link), … 58,00.html[/quote]

So 45% of British Muslims are clueless idiots who believe in wild-eyed conspiracy theories. It could be worse:

“Despite being widely reported in the media that the U.S. and other countries have not found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, surprisingly; more U.S. adults (50%, July, 2006) think that Iraq had such weapons when the U.S. invaded Iraq.”
Harris Poll, July 21, 2006

"Bush himself, since 2003, has repeatedly insisted on one plainly false point: that Saddam rebuffed the U.N. inspectors in 2002, that “he wouldn’t let them in,” as he said in 2003, and “he chose to deny inspectors,” as he said this March.

The facts are that Iraq after a four-year hiatus in cooperating with inspections acceded to the U.N. Security Council’s demand and allowed scores of experts to conduct more than 700 inspections of potential weapons sites from Nov. 27, 2002, to March 16, 2003. The inspectors said they could wrap up their work within months. Instead, the U.S. invasion aborted that work.

As recently as May 27 (2006), Bush told West Point graduates, “When the United Nations Security Council gave him one final chance to disclose and disarm, or face serious consequences, he refused to take that final opportunity.”

“Which isn’t true,” observed Kathleen Hall Jamieson, a scholar of presidential rhetoric at the University of Pennsylvania. But “it doesn’t surprise me when presidents reconstruct reality to make their policies defensible.” This president may even have convinced himself it’s true, she said."
ABC News

"As Israeli troops and Hezbollah guerrillas battled in Lebanon on July 21, a Fox News segment suggested, with no evidence, yet another destination for the supposed doomsday arms.

“ARE SADDAM HUSSEIN’S WMDS NOW IN HEZBOLLAH’S HANDS?” asked the headline, lingering for long minutes on TV screens in a million American homes."
ABC News

Israel is now looking for WMD’s?
So says spook…?

Nothing false about that statement, spook, nn matter how many times you cite it.

Every single UNSC resolution, as well as the UNSC cease fire agreement, called for and obligated Saddam to allow COMPLETE and UNENCUMBERED access to any site that the inspectors wished to see. Saddam failed, over and over and over to do so. He played a cat and mouse game with the inspectors.

Do you deny that Saddam failed to perform per his obligations in the UNSC cease fire agreement and subsequent 17 UNSC resolutions?

Saddam did in fact deny the inspectors. Saddam did not allow the inspectors complete and unencumbered access to certain sites.