That's pushing it (fake rock paintings)

This rock painting was on display in a British museum for some time before they noticed this guy was doing his gathering in K-mart.

From today’s Age:


this guy is great!

There’s nothing in the basket. That’s quite a window there for several interpretations.

Other specialists argued that the man had gone insane and that the kart was everything he cared about. He sure was pushing it(the kart). He wasn’t very popular because all the obvious pointed that he had stolen that Kart from Wall-Mart. He claimed that he was just returning it and no one believed him but no charges were laid as evidences lacked.

This science is generally very subjective obviously.

Talk about reinventing the wheel…


ImaniOU, the wheeles are turning and that’s all I can add to that so stay on topic.

I like your new name/picture in your sig. It looks original. I always read your name as in “Hi, man…I owe you.” I add the H because I find it soothing that way.:wink: