The 10 Best Places to Teach English Abroad

Stumbled upon this article on website called tripbase. Some quite inviting places.

  1. South Korea
    Why South Korea: Teaching opportunities are abundant, salaries are high (especially compared to the cost of living outside of big cities), and many positions include big perks like paid airfare or free housing.
    Popular Spots: You can find wealthier private schools in the suburbs of Seoul.
    Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree.
    Look out for: It’s important to have a well-negotiated contract with a reputable institution so as not to find yourself in for more than you bargained with no ticket home.
    The Life: Rules of cultural and social etiquette can be difficult for a foreigner to navigate, but it is relatively easy to befriend fellow teachers and get to know the country with other young people looking for adventure.
    Tip: Don’t blow your nose loudly and publicly.

  2. Czech Republic
    Why the Czech Republic: None of the hassle of obtaining an EU visa applies.
    Popular Spots: Prague is the Paris of the 90’s, but consider teaching in a smaller town to avoid being treated as a tourist and to get to know the culture better.
    Requirements: TEFL course certificates
    The life: Employers may offer inexpensive language courses or find you accommodation with a local family. Beer is cheap.
    Look out for: You won’t put away the kind of cash you might in Asian or Middle Eastern Countries. And winters are cold.
    Tip: Salaries in Prague can be up to twice has high, but so is the cost of living.

  3. Thailand
    Why Thailand: Close your eyes and imagine paradise. You’re probably picturing Thailand.
    Popular Spots: Chiang Mai, Ban Phe
    Requirements: Bacherlor’s Degree, but TESL certification can lead to higher paying jobs.
    The life: I said paradise.
    Look out for: Low wages – which are often lower for women.
    Tip: Don’t show up to teach dressed as if you’re on vacation – a neat appearance is important.

  4. Japan
    Why Japan: A variety of programs, safe travel, and a respected position.
    Popular Spots: Large schools have branches in Tokyo and in many other cities. Through other programs like the Jet Program, it is possible to live in more rural communities and work more closely with your students.
    Requirements: A BA. TEFL not required.
    The Life: Start warming those vocal chords and brushing up on your sing along skills…
    Look out for: Wages sound good, but the cost of living is high.
    Tip: If you plan to arrive and then search for a job, be aware that the school year begins in April.

  5. Saudi Arabia
    Why Saudi Arabia: $$ (English Teaching salaries are rumored to reach 75,000 dollars.)
    Popular Spots: It is possible to find posts in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam through the British Council
    Requirements: Teaching experience
    The Life: It’s a quiet one.
    Look out for: Ask the U.S. State Department about this!
    Tip: Women should be aware that most positions are available only to men.

  6. China
    Why China: There are a whole lot of people in China, and a lot of them want to learn English. Teachers are in high demand, which means competitive salaries and interesting perks.
    Popular Spots: Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are the largest international cities. For a more “authentic” experience, try Rizhao, Guilin, or Nanjing.
    Requirements: Depends on location, but private schools tend to be more lenient.
    The Life: The difference between big cities and the countryside is astounding, but an emphasis on family and community is everywhere.
    Look out for: You might want to print this article before you get there… who knows what you’ll be able to access via internet.
    Tip: Enlist help to take care of your basic needs, like finding an apartment.

  7. Mexico
    Why Mexico: The largest number of available English teaching jobs in Central and South America.
    Popular Spots: Veracruz, Oaxaca, Pachuca
    Requirements: TEFL or CELTA certification required.
    The Life: Sun and Sights. Not to mention the Latin American gusto.
    Look out for: Beaurocratic headaches.
    Tip: Don’t be insulted if you’re referred to by a physical characteristic.

  8. France
    Why France: France ranks #1 for quality of life time after time. And the French Ministry of Education and French Embassy’s “American Assistants in France” makes getting a visa easy.
    Popular Spots: Wine lovers should try Burgundy or the Midi region, and both Provence and the Côte D’Azur have large international communities.
    Requirements: TEFL certification is a must, as is basic proficiency in the French language.
    The Life: Fashionable, intellectual, and delectable.
    Look out for: Pickpockets in the Metro (if you’re in France).
    Tip: Learning some French is key if you want to be taken seriously, and NEVER ask for ketchup.

  9. Brazil
    Why Brazil: Larger cities like Rio are international destinations with a high demand for English speakers.
    Popular Spots: Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, São Paulo
    Requirements: A BA is recommended, and many schools require in-house training.
    The Life: Put on your dancing shoes!
    Look out for: Work visas are not easy to come by.
    Tip: I wouldn’t wear an Argentinean soccer jersey.

  10. Russia
    Why Russia: The idea that English is the ticket to a better job has led to a huge demand for teachers.
    Popular Spots: There are many opportunities in Moscow , Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Samara, and Tver, but the list does not end there.
    Requirements: The ability to read this post.
    The Life: Sometimes requires a good sense of humor.
    Look out for: Many schools have a bad reputation when it comes to payment.
    Tip: If you can make arrangements in Russian, private lessons can be quite profitable.

I guess Taiwan doesn’t make the list.

France, Mexico, Russia? That’s some great list you found

Just one of a millions lists.

How does Japan stay on a list like this? Jobs are decreasing, the economy is a mess and the cost of living is high.

As for the rest of the list it’s like they picked a couple of biggest name places from each region.

“Prague is the Paris of the 90’s” is an odd line - how old is this article?

How is Korea at the top of the list? I have lived there. Have you heard the number of complaints that place gets on other discussion threads?

let’s go list manic

[quote=“Abacus”]How does Japan stay on a list like this? Jobs are decreasing, the economy is a mess and the cost of living is high.

As for the rest of the list it’s like they picked a couple of biggest name places from each region.[/quote]

  • The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster

By the way, RT Mart in Taipei has oysters from Hiroshima on sale.

I think Taiwan is definitly a better destination than Mexico. At least you don’t have to worry about the police in Taiwan beating you up or taking your money.

At last check, Taiwan has the same GDP as Mexico has, but has one fifth of the population. And you should compare their high school graduation rates!

If you’re going to live in the Middle East, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are probably better locations than cities in Saudi Arabia. I have heard that you stand to make $70,000 if you’re willing to live like a Muslim for a year in any of those places, so at least that part’s accurate.

But really, it should depend on your tastes. If you love recreational drugs, then Portugal should be on the list over France.

The UAE is definitely a better place to live and work than Saudi. The difference is that you can get good paying jobs in Saudi with just a Bachelors and a TEFL Cert, whereas you need a Masters in the UAE for the higher-end jobs. Saudi is simply more desperate to get people there as it is quite a restrictive and unpleasant place to live and work.

Cities in the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, etc) are much more open, less conservative and pleasant to live in than anywhere in Saudi. I am definitely not living like a Muslim here! :slight_smile: The impact that the existing restrictions have on me is very minimal.