The 500 Leopard cats in Miaoli, Taiwan under threat

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Fewer than 500 leopard cats (P. bengalensis) are living in Miaoli, a county located in mid-Taiwan. These leopard cats could become extinct because the Miaoli government plans to cooperate with Yulong Vehicle Company, FuLuSo Funeral Service company and other powerful profit-making entities to develop an area that originally belonged to leopard cats. The companies have started engineering work even though an environmental evaluation has yet to be fully completed. Nobody should tolerate these activities, but they just want to do it. Please help us to spread this news and make it possible for leopard cats to live safely in the wild. We appreciate your caring.

Thank you all your support. The environmental evaluation committee had temporally rejected the request from the Miaoli Goverment to develop the habitat of the Joho in SanYi, Miaoli, on April 16th. Please keep following this animal welfare issue until a new proposal is provided protect the rights of wildlife.

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Signed & good luck.

Can’t stand this kind of activity. Hope they choke on their next bowl of leopard cat rice.

That area is actually one of the few remaining hilly areas that was relatively well protected (due to Hakka older farmers not being so avaricious), hence they have some very rare animals living there, not only these leopard cats but birds, frogs, insects you name it. I can’t say what I really think on here due to Taiwan’s stupid libel laws but this is a crime against nature. Don’t purchase Yulong cars folks. This is also not the only large scale development in the area, I have mentioned another temple development in the area where they also razed a mountain top.

Rescuing a leopard cat kitten

can’t @Icon adopt them all? :slight_smile:

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They are wild animals. Wild animals belong free.

true, and your comment immediately brought this song to mind

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What was the end result of this issue? Or is it ongoing?

5 years after I started the thread I am wondering if business shysters ransacked the area and what the outcome is for these animals?

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Interview of an actual conservationist.

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Apparently it’s not only actual leopard cats that face threats in Taiwan:

Kudos to the MOTC for bringing in the actual artist from Russia—Katya Molodtsova—to try to defuse the fallout from this debacle: plagiarized depictions of leopard cats on trains!


still sounds weird. they invited the artist whose work was copied. but the taiwanese artist got paid, although donated the money after being found out as a scammer. the russian artist then made new art for them and gave it to them for free? how about paying the russian?


In Soviet Russia, the artist pays YOU!!!

Why have real leopard cats when you can have cute drawings of leopard cats.

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Not really. The artist didn’t donate all the money. Chiang charged 3 million NTD for the project, but donated only 250 thousand (less than 10%).
Scammers need to eat too, you know?

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Nope. I’m sneak one of those cuties out of the country and use it as a guard cat.

Not cute. We´ll raise them as an army that will avenge their ancestors.

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Where I currently live, they’ll ward off gun toting ganstas

lol its even worse.

seriously pay the russian. she had the grace to do the work for free! the scammer had the grace to scam and take over 90% of the money. this story is ridiculous.


Money well spent. Much better than using it to protect the animals or their habitat.