The 6th floor of CCLC/MTC

Seems like a strange question or in the wrong forum, but in order to answer a “Learning Chinese” question I need to know if the bookstore on the 6th floor of CCLC/MTC is still there. I’ve been told no by someone who may or may not be correct. Thanks!


I am studying at Shida since this semester and I haven’t seen any kind of bookstore on the 6th floor. There is just the main office and some other offices, but no books at all.

Bye, Sebastian

How about the 7th or 8th floors? Anywhere in 博愛大樓 (the building where you have classes)?My memory may be faulty on specifics, but there was a bookstore there and I am trying to find out if it is still there so I can get a sort of out of print book that they would have.


Aren’t you thinking of the venerable “Lucky Bookstore” that is in the ground floor of the Union Building (the one that used to house the MTC years ago) and faces Hoping Road?

Nope :smiley:
I know Lucky, out on the street, in the Union building.

At least as late as 2003 there was a separate book store in the building where MTC classes are held. Come to think of it the 6th was offices even then, so it is on the 7th or 8th.


Um…your memory does not fail you, um. :stuck_out_tongue: It was on the 7th floor when I was there last year, but it’s not there anymore. The Lucky Bookstore on the 1st floor of the Union building now sells all the textbooks used at MTC.

Thanks :bravo:
I’ll write them.