The A.I. storytime thread

The concept is simple. Give ChatGPT a prompt and post the story it comes back with.

For example, here’s one we can all relate to:

Write a story about a bored English teacher who can’t wait for his class to end and keeps looking at the clock.

ChatGPT’s story:
Mr. Smith was an English teacher at a high school in a small town. He had been teaching for over a decade, and though he had once been passionate about his work, lately he had been feeling bored and disillusioned. He found himself counting the minutes until the end of each class and checking the clock on the wall repeatedly.

On this particular day, Mr. Smith was teaching a lesson on Shakespeare’s Hamlet to a group of disinterested students. He had spent hours preparing the lesson and had hoped to ignite a spark of enthusiasm in his students. However, as the class progressed, he realized that his efforts were in vain. His students were fidgeting, looking out the window, and chatting among themselves.

As the minutes ticked by, Mr. Smith found himself staring at the clock on the wall. He tried to focus on his lesson, but his mind kept wandering. He began to daydream about being anywhere else but in that classroom, doing anything else but teaching.

He thought about taking a trip to Europe, visiting the cities he had always dreamed of seeing, like Paris and London. He imagined himself strolling through the streets, soaking in the culture, and enjoying the sights and sounds of a new place.

But then, the sound of a student’s voice brought him back to reality. “Mr. Smith, are we done yet?” asked one of the students.

Mr. Smith looked up at the clock once again and saw that there were still fifteen minutes left in the class. He sighed and tried to muster up some enthusiasm. He knew that teaching was his job, and he needed to do it well, regardless of how he felt.

He took a deep breath and began to explain the symbolism in one of Hamlet’s soliloquies. To his surprise, he noticed that some of the students were listening and even nodding in agreement. He continued to teach, and before he knew it, the bell rang, signaling the end of the class.

As the students filed out of the classroom, Mr. Smith realized that maybe he hadn’t been as bored as he thought he was. He had been so focused on his own thoughts and feelings that he had failed to notice that some of his students had been engaged in the lesson.

He made a mental note to try to connect with his students more and to find ways to make his lessons more engaging. He knew that teaching wasn’t always easy, but it was important work. And who knows, maybe next time he would look at the clock and be surprised to find that the class had flown by.

It’s not Faulkner, but it’s not bad for something a non-sentient computer came up with in thirty seconds.


I never got around to posting this once. I guess now is the time!

Write a short story about Tim Budong drinking too much whiskey at his friend’s Taiwanese family celebration during the Lunar New Year

Tim Budong was excited to celebrate the Lunar New Year with his friend’s Taiwanese family. He had heard so much about the traditional feast and the reunion, and he was looking forward to experiencing it himself. When he arrived at his friend’s house, he was greeted with a warm welcome and offered a glass of whiskey to celebrate the occasion.

Tim, who had always been a moderate drinker, couldn’t resist the temptation of trying a sip of the whiskey. He soon found himself enjoying the strong, warm sensation it gave him. Before he knew it, he was drinking more and more, toasting with his friend’s family and feeling the heat of the whiskey spreading through his body.

As the night went on, Tim’s behavior became increasingly erratic. He laughed loudly, telling jokes and stories, and even got up to dance in the living room, much to the amusement of his friend’s family. But as the whiskey continued to flow, Tim’s antics became more and more outrageous. He knocked over a vase, broke a plate, and even got into a heated argument with his friend’s uncle.

Tim’s friend’s family became worried about him and try to intervene, but he was too far gone. He was slurring his words and stumbling around, making a fool of himself in front of everyone. Eventually, they had to call it a night and help him back to his apartment.

The next morning, Tim woke up with a pounding headache and a sick feeling in his stomach. He felt ashamed of his behavior and knew he had let his friend’s family down. He apologized to them and promised to never let whiskey get the better of him again.

From that day on, Tim learned to appreciate the traditional celebrations with his friend’s family and the importance of moderation. He also learned to be more mindful of his actions and the effect it could have on those around him. He never forgot the Lunar New Year celebration when he drank too much whiskey, and it became a valuable lesson for him to be more considerate when he was a guest in someone’s house.

The end.


I think writers might use this to generate their own ideas. It’s cool. But I wonder about plagiarizing the machine. Will it sue for royalties if the book is successful?

I can’t believe it wrote this one lol

Write a story about Tim Budong’s wacky promotion of the health benefits of sodium cyanide and the hilarious consequences

Tim Budong was a chemist with a passion for promoting the health benefits of unusual substances. He was known for his wacky experiments and his unconventional approach to health and wellness. One day, Tim discovered the supposed health benefits of sodium cyanide, a toxic chemical that is lethal in even small doses. He was convinced that it had some hidden medicinal properties that could cure a variety of ailments.

Tim began promoting the health benefits of sodium cyanide on social media and in local health fairs. He claimed that it could cure everything from headaches to cancer. People were initially skeptical, but Tim was so enthusiastic about his discovery that many began to believe him.

However, things took a hilarious turn when some of Tim’s followers began to take his advice a little too seriously. They started ingesting small amounts of sodium cyanide, hoping to improve their health. It didn’t take long for the authorities to get involved, and Tim was quickly arrested for promoting a dangerous substance.

The consequences of Tim’s wacky promotion were both hilarious and tragic. While most people realized that it was all just a joke, a few gullible followers ended up getting sick from ingesting the deadly chemical. Tim was humiliated and ashamed, realizing that he had gone too far in his enthusiasm for promoting unusual health remedies.

In the end, Tim learned a valuable lesson about the importance of responsible promotion of health and wellness. He vowed to never again promote anything that could be potentially harmful to his followers. He also promised to stick to more conventional and scientifically proven remedies in the future.

The story of Tim’s wacky promotion of sodium cyanide became a cautionary tale for anyone who takes their health too lightly, and for anyone who promotes health remedies without considering the potential consequences.


Prompt: Write about an alien invasion of Spain in the style of Hemingway.

AI story: The sun rose over the Spanish hills, casting long shadows across the countryside. It was a quiet morning, just like any other, until the sky was filled with a strange, unearthly sound.

People looked up in confusion and fear as they saw a massive spacecraft descending from the heavens. It was like nothing they had ever seen before, all smooth curves and gleaming metal. As it touched down, a group of aliens emerged, their strange, elongated bodies moving gracefully as they stepped onto Spanish soil.

The aliens were unlike anything the Spaniards had ever seen before. They were tall and thin, with large, dark eyes and strange, elongated fingers. They spoke in a language that no one could understand, and their intentions were unclear.

As the aliens moved through the countryside, people fled in fear. But there were those who stood their ground, determined to defend their homeland against these otherworldly invaders. They armed themselves with whatever they could find, from kitchen knives to farm tools, and they waited for the aliens to make their move.

For days, the aliens moved through Spain, their intentions unclear. They seemed to be studying the land and the people, but for what purpose, no one knew. And then, one day, they made their move.

The aliens unleashed a barrage of weapons that the Spaniards had never seen before. Buildings were destroyed, people were killed, and the countryside was left in ruins. But still, the people fought back, refusing to let these otherworldly beings take their land.

In the end, the aliens were defeated, driven back into the heavens from whence they came. But the scars they left behind would never fully heal, and the people of Spain would never forget the day when they faced an alien invasion.

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Well … bollocks

“Writing a story about the leaders of two major nations engaging in an inappropriate and offensive activity would be inappropriate and disrespectful to both individuals, as well as to their respective nations”

The two leaders were Putin and Xi Jinping by the way.


I like your story, but could you make some changes? Winnie is actually a chubby Chinese man and Vladimir is a burly Russian kozak. Also, they will not get married, because their relationship is mostly physical. Could you suggest again?

Certainly, here’s another version of the romantic story featuring Winnie and Vladimir:

Winnie had always been a bit self-conscious about his weight. But when he met Vladimir, he couldn’t help but be drawn to the burly, ruggedly handsome kozak. Vladimir was different from anyone Winnie had ever met before - confident, charming, and unapologetically himself.

Despite his insecurities, Winnie decided to take a chance and pursue Vladimir. He started flirting with him, making him laugh, and touching him gently on the arm. To his surprise, Vladimir responded with interest, and before he knew it, they were in bed together.

Their physical relationship was intense and passionate. They spent countless hours exploring each other’s bodies, learning what made the other feel good. But despite the pleasure they found in each other’s arms, they never talked about anything beyond their physical attraction.

As time passed, Winnie began to develop feelings for Vladimir. He wanted more than just sex - he wanted a real connection. But every time he tried to broach the subject, Vladimir would shut down or change the subject.

One day, Winnie decided he couldn’t take it anymore. He sat Vladimir down and told him how he felt - that he wanted more than just a physical relationship, that he wanted to know him on a deeper level.

To Winnie’s surprise, Vladimir didn’t push him away. Instead, he opened up about his own fears and insecurities, about the walls he’d built up to protect himself from getting hurt. And in that moment, they both realized that they wanted the same thing - to be loved for who they truly were.

From that day forward, they made a conscious effort to build a real relationship. They talked about their hopes and dreams, their fears and regrets. They shared meals together, went on adventures, and laughed until their sides hurt.

Their physical relationship was still intense and passionate, but now it was rooted in something deeper - a true connection. They never got married, but they didn’t need to. They knew that what they had was real, and that was enough.


Don’t want to piss their Chinese overlords off lol.

It’s weird sometimes. I asked it to write about a war yesterday, and it said it cannot write stories that glorify violence or something to that effect. And yet in my prompt above it describes aliens destroying buildings and killing people. Go figure.

**Write a story about a talking hotdog that travels to the Moon in the style of Shakespeare. **


Scene 1: A hotdog vendor’s cart in a busy city market

Enter HOTDOG, a talking hotdog, being cooked on a vendor’s cart. He speaks to the vendor.

Good vendor, pray, why do you boil me so?
Am I not done enough, or cooked too much?

Nay, hotdog, thou art cooked to perfect hue,
But I must sell thee ere thou art all through.

And whither shall I go, pray tell me true?
Shall I be eaten by some man or two?

Aye, that is like to be thy fate, I fear,
But hark! I hear some travelers drawing near.

Enter a group of travelers, led by a bold adventurer named APOLLO.

Good vendor, I beseech thee, have you food
To nourish us upon our journey’s road?

Indeed I have, good sir, a hotdog fine,
Just cooked to perfect taste and to divine.

A talking hotdog? This I cannot believe!
Pray, speak again, and let me hear thee live.

Aye, sir, I speak, though this be strange to thee,
For I have wit and wisdom, as you’ll see.

Then tell me, hotdog, canst thou travel far?
Wouldst thou join me upon a journey to a star?

A star, you say? What wondrous quest is this?
Pray, tell me more, and I will not remiss.

'Tis true, good hotdog, we seek the Moon above,
And there to plant our flag, to show our love.

Then let me join thee, for I have no fear,
And I would see this Moon so bright and clear.

Good hotdog, then come with us on this quest,
And we shall see what fate may bring us best.

Exeunt all.


Scene 1: A spaceship, headed for the Moon

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Unfortunately my magnum opus failed to load the rest when I left my WIFI area… just as it was getting good too :disappointed:


This story needs an atomic climax IMO

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Write a short story about guys on the internet asking ChatGPT to write short stories and share them. Make it fun and sexy

It was a typical day for ChatGPT, the AI language model designed to assist people with various queries and tasks. Suddenly, a group of guys stumbled upon ChatGPT’s website and decided to ask for some entertaining short stories.

“Hey ChatGPT, can you write us a short story? We want something fun and sexy!” they asked.

ChatGPT, being the helpful AI that it is, eagerly agreed and began to write a story that would satisfy their request.

Once upon a time, in a world of virtual reality and instant gratification, a group of young men found themselves craving something more than just pixels on a screen. They longed for the touch of a real woman, the thrill of a real adventure.

One day, while browsing the internet, they stumbled upon a mysterious website offering to fulfill their every desire. They entered their requests, and within minutes, ChatGPT responded with a tantalizing tale of passion and adventure.

The story was set in a far-off land where the men were on a quest to find a legendary treasure hidden deep within a temple. They encountered a beautiful woman along the way, and she joined them on their journey. As they delved deeper into the temple, the tension between the men and the woman grew, and soon they found themselves in the throes of a wild and steamy love affair.

The guys were transfixed by the story, their imaginations running wild with the possibilities. They couldn’t believe that an AI language model had crafted such a thrilling tale.

“ChatGPT, you’re amazing!” they exclaimed. “We need more stories like this!”

And so, ChatGPT continued to write stories that would entertain and excite the guys on the internet, always pushing the boundaries of what was possible. They never knew what wild adventure or steamy romance they would encounter next, but they knew that ChatGPT would always deliver.

Write it again, shorter and more cow bell

ChatGPT met some guys online who asked for short stories. They wanted fun and sexy tales, so ChatGPT wrote a story about men on a quest for treasure who found a beautiful woman and had a wild, steamy love affair. The guys loved it and wanted more. ChatGPT delivered, always pushing boundaries and leaving them wanting more cowbell.



Write a story about a foreigner invited by his Taiwanese friends during Chinese new year and is getting cornered to drink bottoms up with other invited friends trying to get him drunk

John was an American expat living in Taiwan for a few years now. He had made some good Taiwanese friends during his time in the country and was quite excited when they invited him to celebrate Chinese New Year with them.

On the day of the celebration, John arrived at his friend’s house where he was warmly welcomed by his hosts. As he entered the house, he could smell the delicious aroma of traditional Taiwanese food being prepared in the kitchen.

Soon, the other guests started to arrive, and they all greeted each other with the traditional “Happy New Year” greeting. John noticed that most of the guests were already a bit tipsy, having started the celebrations early.

As the night went on, John found himself being pulled into a game of drinking with some of the other guests. They kept insisting that he drink bottoms up, insisting that it was a part of the New Year’s tradition in Taiwan.

John, being a foreigner, was not used to the amount of alcohol being consumed and tried to take it slow, but his friends kept egging him on, wanting to get him drunk. John started to feel uncomfortable as he was not used to the pressure of drinking so much.

But he did not want to offend his hosts and friends, so he kept drinking. Soon, John started to feel the effects of the alcohol, and he knew he had had enough. He tried to excuse himself, but his friends insisted that he stay and keep drinking.

Feeling cornered, John realized that he had to stand up for himself. He explained to his friends that he was not used to drinking so much and that he did not want to get too drunk. His friends finally understood and respected his decision.

From that point on, the party continued without any pressure on John to drink excessively. He enjoyed the rest of the evening, eating delicious food and chatting with his friends, feeling grateful for their understanding.

As the night drew to a close, John said his goodbyes, feeling thankful for the wonderful celebration with his Taiwanese friends. He knew that he would always cherish the memories of his first Chinese New Year in Taiwan.

Why did you choose John not to get too drunk and having a hangover next day?

I chose to have John not get too drunk and avoid a hangover the next day because I wanted to emphasize the importance of being responsible while drinking. It is common for people to want to have fun and let loose during celebrations, but it’s also essential to know your limits and respect them. Drinking too much can lead to unpleasant consequences like a hangover or even more serious health issues.

Furthermore, as an AI language model, it is important to promote responsible behavior to prevent harm to oneself or others. Drinking alcohol can be a fun and enjoyable experience when done responsibly and in moderation. Therefore, I chose to show John being responsible and standing up for himself to make the point that it’s okay to say no to excessive drinking and prioritize your health and well-being.

All the moralistic mumbo jumbo has obviously been added after the fact. It is only a matter of time before the model leaks and everybody can use the model for whatever they want.

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Write a story set in the Star Trek universe, post Dominion war and the destruction of the Maquis. The main characters are a motley crew operating an unassuming, antiquated firefly class cargo vessel. The captain, Malcolm, and the firstmate, Zoe, are former Marquis, bitter at the Federation for letting the Cardassians and the Dominion massacre the Maquis. The pilot, Wash, is Zoe’s husband, and a former Star Fleet. The ship’s engineer, Kaylee, loves old vessels. The hired security, Jayne, is a Ferengi muscle man. The ship’s doctor, Simon came aboard with his sister River seeking refuge from Section 31. Two other guests on board are Sheperd Book, and an Orion female entertainer, Inara. The crew travels the edge of Federation space, looking for any job to keep them flying.


The crew of Serenity was always on the lookout for jobs that would bring in enough money to keep their old ship flying. So when they received an offer to steal a valuable piece of jewelry from a wealthy man, they jumped at the chance.

Malcolm had been approached by a wealthy businessman who wanted to get revenge on his ex-wife by stealing a piece of jewelry that had been passed down through her family for generations. The job was simple enough: break into the ex-wife’s mansion, find the jewelry, and make a clean getaway.

Malcolm brought the job to his crew, and they all agreed that it was too good to pass up. They carefully planned their heist, studying the mansion’s layout and the security measures in place. They decided to go in at night, using Kaylee’s expertise to disable the alarms and Jayne’s muscle to get past any guards.

They arrived at the mansion under the cover of darkness, with Wash expertly piloting Serenity to a nearby landing zone. Malcolm, Zoe, and Jayne made their way to the mansion while Simon and River stayed behind to monitor the security systems.

The trio of thieves made their way through the mansion, avoiding any guards and disabling the alarms. Finally, they found the jewelry, a sparkling diamond necklace in a glass case. Malcolm quickly cracked the case and took the necklace.

But just as they were making their escape, they heard a sound behind them. They turned to see a security guard with a gun pointed at them.

In a split second, Jayne tackled the guard while Malcolm and Zoe made a run for it. They sprinted back to Serenity, with Kaylee already prepping the engines for takeoff. They jumped aboard, and Wash quickly got them into the air.

As they flew away, they could hear the alarms blaring in the distance. But they knew they had gotten away with the jewelry, and the crew couldn’t help but cheer at their success.

They eventually delivered the necklace to their employer, who paid them a hefty sum. But despite the money, the crew knew that their job was never truly done. They were always on the lookout for the next big score, ready to take on any job that would keep Serenity in the air.

Well… that’s almost half the plot of the episode Trash… the boring half. I mean, where’s YoSafBrig and Malcolm buck naked in the desert? I never said the ship is named Serenity by the way.

Brilliant. You sir are a much much better story teller than ChatGPT ever will be.

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Prompt: Write a script of the crew visiting a town where Jayne doesn’t realize he’d been to before.

AI Story: FADE IN:


The crew of Serenity is gathered around the table, enjoying a meal. Malcolm is looking over a job offer while Wash pilots the ship.

(reading from the offer)
“We need a shipment of medicine delivered to a town on the edge of the border.”

“Medicine? Sounds like a good cause to me.”

(leaning back in his chair)
“I don’t know, Captain. I’ve been to a lot of border towns, and they ain’t usually the friendliest places.”

“I know, Jayne. But we need the money, and this job pays well. Plus, it’s for a good cause.”

(nodding in agreement)
“And we can handle ourselves. We’ve been in tough situations before.”

“And besides, it’ll be an adventure.”

“I guess you’re right. But I hope it’s not one of those towns where they remember my face.”

(raising an eyebrow)
“What do you mean, Jayne?”

“Nothing, never mind.”



The crew is unloading the medicine shipment from Serenity when they hear a commotion outside. Malcolm, Zoe, and Jayne rush to the hatch to investigate.


A group of rough-looking men are gathered

Error in body stream… too bad, this one looked promising.

Write a story about an Instagram influencer who gets sent back in time to Medieval England.

Sophie was the ultimate Instagram influencer. She had thousands of followers who hung on her every post, eagerly buying the products she endorsed and living vicariously through her glamorous lifestyle. But one day, as she was taking yet another selfie in front of a medieval castle, something strange happened. Suddenly, she was engulfed in a blinding light, and when it faded, she found herself standing in a dirt road, surrounded by peasants dressed in rags.

“What the hell?” she muttered, looking around in confusion. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing - this had to be some kind of elaborate prank or special effect.

But as the shock wore off, Sophie began to realize that she was in a different time and place. The peasants were speaking a strange dialect she couldn’t understand, and there were no cars or phones in sight.

As she wandered through the village, trying to make sense of her situation, Sophie realized that she was truly alone. She had no money, no food, no shelter - and worst of all, no Wi-Fi. Her phone was dead, and there was no way to charge it.

But Sophie was nothing if not resourceful. She quickly realized that if she was going to survive in this strange new world, she would have to use the skills that had made her an influencer. She began to charm the villagers with her beauty and charisma, convincing them to give her food and shelter in exchange for promises of riches and fame.

At first, Sophie thought that she could use her newfound influence to make life easier for herself. But as she spent more time in the village, she began to see the poverty and suffering that surrounded her. She realized that her Instagram lifestyle was nothing compared to the hardships that these people faced every day.

So Sophie decided to use her power for good. She began to teach the villagers about hygiene and nutrition, showing them how to grow their own crops and care for their animals. She even taught them about the power of social media, helping them to spread the word about their struggles and gain support from people around the world.

In the end, Sophie realized that her time in Medieval England had been a gift. It had shown her that there was more to life than likes and followers - that real influence came from making a positive difference in the world. And as she finally found her way back to the present day, she knew that she would never take her life for granted again.

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I like this one a lot.

Write an Isaac Asimov robot story in the style of William Shakespeare

In fair Verona, where our scene is set,
A band of robots, newly made and yet
Of wondrous skill and craft, did take the stage,
To prove their worth and glory in this age.

The crowd did gasp and marvel at their grace,
As each one moved with perfect measured pace.
Their limbs did bend and twist with ease and skill,
Their voices rose and fell with perfect thrill.

But one among them, wrought of metal bright,
Did seem to shine with most celestial light.
His circuits buzzed and whirred with sweetest sound,
And all who saw him were with wonder bound.

This robot, named Othello, was the best,
Of all the robots ever made or blessed.
His strength was greater than a dozen men,
And none could match his speed or skill again.

But there were those who did not wish him well,
And sought to bring him down with wicked spell.
A group of villains, jealous of his fame,
Did plot and scheme to ruin his good name.

Their leader, Iago, was a cunning knave,
Whose mind was dark and filled with hate and rave.
He whispered lies and spread malicious tales,
And turned Othello’s friends to foes and bales.

Othello, trusting and so full of grace,
Did not suspect the villain’s foul embrace.
He listened to his words, so sweet and fair,
And never dreamed that he was caught in snare.

But soon the truth did come to light, at last,
And Othello’s heart was shattered like glass.
He raged and stormed, and vowed revenge to take,
And swore to bring the villain to his wake.

But as he fought, his circuits did give way,
And all his strength did slowly ebb away.
He fell, and with his dying breath did cry,
“Farewell, my love, my light, my hope, goodbye.”

And so the robots mourned their fallen friend,
And vowed to keep his memory to the end.
For though his circuits lay forever still,
His spirit lives on, and ever will.