The actor you hate and why?

To start us off, let me just say that I cannot in my wildest imagination hear someone respond to the question, “Who is your favorite actor?” with the reply: “Steven Segal!”

Hear Hear!

  1. Meg Ryan
  2. Tom Hanks (sure he can act; but I HATE :imp: him)

No, I haven’t seen one of their “cute” movies.

Tom Cruise
Sandra Bollox
Adam Sandler
Jackie Chan
Tom Cruise again

Who needs anger management? Thanks Wolf.

Nicolas Cage. I used to really like him but now his acting is like he’s a character from “Scooby Doo”.

I hate Leo, Tom C., and Keanu ‘cause they be pullin’ all my babes.

I hate Sandra B. and that Pretty Woman lady because they got famous by being sexy and then turned exclusively to chick flicks.

I don’t “hate” any actors, but for “pure icky skincrawl” factor it would be either Canoe Reeves or Tom Snooze. Although it can be kind of funny to watch Tommy get out-acted by nearly all the other cast members in his films. Dougray Scott springs to mind.

Ol Tom was even out-acted by the wheelchair in 4th July :laughing:

Damn, remember how great he was in Raising Arizona? WTF happened to him? I really want to see this new flick he’s in, but I’m almost afraid to.

Damn, remember how great he was in Raising Arizona? WTF happened to him? I really want to see this new flick he’s in, but I’m almost afraid to.[/quote]

After “Raising Arizona” he studied at the Steven Segal School of Acting. :laughing:

Steven Segal, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris star in the new action blockbuster “DYING TO ACT.”
Three aging former martial artists and coke snorters decide to go to acting school in the hopes of landing a cameo in a Sylvester Stallone movie. Unbeknownst to them, the acting school is actually a front for a Chinese human smuggling ring! The three plot to release the captives and bring the smugglers to justice.
Segal turns in a stunning performance as the “thinker” of the trio with the same kind of depth he showed in his most famous film, “I am the Sound a Refrigerator Makes.”
Van Damme, hot off the huge success of “Kick Me in Slow Motion Again,” is endearing in “Dying to Act” as the guy with the funny accent.
Chuck Norris, who shaved his head for this film, shows us once again that one scene with Bruce Lee 30 years ago can make a career.

Nicholas Cage-Wild at Heart was one of my all-time faves. He went to bits after that but i thoroughly enjoyed his new flick-Adaptation

Tom Hanks – Forrest Gump, say no more :wink:

Wolf Reinhold, you could get a job in Hollywood :slight_smile: I’m sure you could pitch that movie to someone.

Good one, Wolf, but I could swear I’ve seen a DVD trailer for this very film. :wink:

Wolf, you have way too much time on your hands!

Hi boys! (shabab)

I don’t really care for that George Clooney after I saw him in that movie “From Dusk 'Till Dawn” with Salma Hayek.

Why? I can’t really put my finger on it.

There are numerous others on my list, but I have to go for a sing’l fish.


John Malkovich. Wanker. Even though he’s funny as himself in “Being John Malkovich”.

Not a big Nick Cage fan either.
Ditto on Adam Sandler.
Haven’t actually been able to watch a Segal film because he’s such a pompous twat, but doubt I’d like them.
Also not crazy about Robin Williams (unless it’s stand up), Jim Carrey,
or Billy Bob Thornton.

As for the women: Calista Flockheart, Lucy Liu, Liv Tyler, Toni Collette (she’s got too thin and looks like a freak when she chews the scenery now), Sarah Michelle Gellar, Winona Ryder (nothing to do with her kleptomania).

Most disliked actor? Nicholas Cage
Most disliked actress? Cameron Diaz

Who married Paul Hogan? Linda Kowasaki, can’t stand her. Haven’t got much time for the ‘Hello Jacky’ host on Saturday and Sunday nights either. Where’s Yahoo Serious when you need him?

Are you really sure you want to know this…I mean…just reminding you of him is gonna be painful…


Read on if you must…

bob saget

I warned you…and do I really need to explain why?

Most disliked actress?[/quote]


Got ya…

Of course you mean Female Actor, don’t you? :laughing:


The PC Police

thanks toe save!

i was having a hard time thinking of a really bad actor after steven segal (who obviously has no equal) and then it hit me – no not b-- s—t but close –

steve guttenberg. scary. shudders. and shudders again.


julia roberts. obvious. pretty what? and erin who? what the?