The Adlon Restaurant and Bar Taipei

I’m a tad older than that, but I teach English.

I think I’ve been to Carnegie’s twice.


You aren’t missing much. Last time I went to Carnegies was in 2017-2018 during Computex. Packed house, which is unexpected, with some moderately attractive females. Let’s just say a few says later I learned that balanitis isn’t an STI!

Adlon is not getting much attention or talk or chat or love here.

That could be good or that could be bad.

Pass by more than occasionally evenings or late at night and only few people inside. Okay my bad, maybe 6 people inside. Never passed by in the last few months and seen more than six? people inside.

Hell I drive car right up to the door at all hours and sit there looking in and thinking…

Adlon = less than nothing is happening here.

Success, I still wish Adlon success please be successful.

Less than dull

Saturday afternoon beautiful sky, winds blowing such a good location and spot could have full of activity but ummmm no.

They’re playing music blues it’s like 2:00 a.m. you’re trying to fall asleep

This is obviously informed choice to be dull and boring on a Saturday afternoon.

I think the management investors are just washing money it’s evident

27 May 2023 Saturday afternoon 3pm beautiful weather outside

Adlon is playing guess what???


Feel like I’m living in an alternative reality when I walk into this place.

I feel like that about living in Taiwan in general. Just a weird reality where everything is on easy mode but nothing actually makes sense.

The current owner owns a very successful tech company and wants to turn Adlon into a thriving, high-class pub. His biggest problem is finding good help who will enable him to achieve that dream.

Staff are great.

That is absolutely not the problem with that place.

The fail there is by the management, not the staff, come on staff are fine.

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Won’t the management also be staff, unless he’s making it directly?

I tried the Adlon out of curiosity. It is stuck in an 80’s time warp with unimaginative food and drinks. Today’s professional group that spends money wants either sophisticated multicultural food or simple food done well with craft beers. We have that at other places.
It was very clean and well maintained. The service was odd. I had a mini can of Perrier that I was finishing the last sip of and the waitstaff was so focused on enforcing the rules, they forgot to welcome me or focus on what they offer. Our party of 3 spent about 1k per person.
You can’t have a great business if your people don’t believe in it. The staff looks awkward and that is a management problem.
There is so much food and drink in Taipei so they have figure out how to be different.


If it is dark inside , and cold then great play the Blues. Way better than Ed Sheeran.

The fact that it is almost next door to Avenue, with the brilliant chef Sandy Yoon at the helm, makes it hard for me to see why I would go to Adlon. Avenue also has an interesting and inventive mix of indoor and outdoor seating, along with really good food. That’s where Taipei is at now—who would have thought so a decade ago?



Absolutely. If I recall, Avenue also has craft beer. I forget about Avenue even though I live really close. One of my favs is Woolloomooloo
We are far beyond Alleycat pizza days. I do have to say that I did eat a really good burger at Brass Monkey a few months ago.
If I’m gonna pay 5-600 a plate, I want something good.


Truer words were never said… dont forget grandma nittis…


The food’s not bad, but it’s overpriced. The drinks are ridiculously overpriced, and the bar staff are snooty; like they’re doing you a favor. Hey, I’m not the one working for minimum wage, bitch!

Place is stuck where it was 20 years ago. And the 25-year-olds who used to frequent it then, are now 45. Their bar-dancing antics aren’t quite as fluid as they used to be.

I wouldn’t go there if you paid me.

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Avenue is good. There are a lot of nice places in Taipei. The new Wooloomooloo in Ximen also very nice and not expensive, but for some reason not getting new traffic.

The Adlon’s problem is that its the same location as Carnegies, which is a running joke in Taiwan as a sleazepit.


Fumu is a good example of good pub food with nice drinks in a setting that is attractive to today’s Taiwanese.

Wait, Woolloomooloo Out West is back? That place was awesome!

EDIT: The photos look great!