The Amazing Racist

Kind of a Borat knockoff, this jerk pretends to be an asshole and annoys people, except a little funnier and a lot less politically correct. (Funnily enough, he also happens to be an Orthodox Jew in real life, same as Cohen.)

Here’s the one where he takes on a variety of Asian ethnic groups…“all Orientals to me”

Going around south central LA dressed in KKK robes. He’s lucky he didn’t get his ass capped.

Muslim-baiting in a mosque…“hey, don’t cockblock”

Mexicans…eh, this one isn’t that funny. … ed&search=

I guess he ran out of minority groups after that. The Asian stereotype one is by far the funniest.

My opinion only but the guy is a not funny at all. And nothing ‘amazing’ about being a total asshole.

This wouldn’t be one of those frightfully clever people pointing out to us our unconscious prejudices, would it? It’s just a happy coincidence that the real bigots love this stuff and thus an unimaginative performer can make a fortune pandering to the groundlings as well as the “self-aware” irony junkies. Shakespeare was doing this 400-odd years ago. NEXT!

Agreed. He is a racist asshole, pretending he’s not really one but is actually funny, which he’s not.

He could claw back a little credibility if he tried talking up the Holocaust myth line in some hard ass synagogue, other than that, what a wanker.


Arse! And cringing doesn’t make me laugh.

Nah, you give him far too much credit. I believe his motivations are. . .

  1. Trying to do “shock” art, believing that if it’s totally crazy and off the wall and shocks people it must be art, not realizing that shtick has been done a million times before, including 90 years ago with Duchamp’s urinal, and since then Christ in Piss, Virgin Mary in Elephant Dung, and by countless comics including Lenny Bruce, Redd Foxx, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphey, etc. (with perhaps his closest predecessor being the idiot, foul-mouthed Andrew Dice Clay), but this clown doesn’t realize that simply being shocking isn’t enough, and one also has to have talent as all of those mentioned did and which he obviously doesn’t.

  2. There’s a simpleminded school of thought among simpleminded people that respecting the legal rights and observing the sensitivities of women, gays and minorities – which these simpletons broadly refer to as PC – has gone way too far, to the point of absurdity, and therefore, the theory goes, any recognition of legal rights or respect for the sensibilities of others on account of their race, religion, gender, etc., must be absurd and unwarranted. Of course that’s a bunch of crap. People should not be discriminated against based on race, religion, gender. Hate speech on those bases is particularly reprehensible. And People are totally justified in being offended by crude, racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks. If this clown feels people are overly sensitive or wrong to be offended by such remarks he’s ignorant. If he feels people are hung up on old-fashioned notions of morality and they need to lighten up and get with the times, he’s completely wrong. Blacks are right to be offended when an obnoxious honky calls them a ngger, Asians are right to be offended when some doofus calls them a chnk.

  3. He’s just a stupid clown with a puerile, 13-year old sense of Cracked magazine, style potty humor and he believes he’s funny and off the wall, but he’s actually acting like an ignorant little boy.

That’s my theory anyway.