The America's Cup - Finally It's On

Not sure how many, if any, have been following the America’s Cup, but there have been some interesting developments.

After a lot of court battles between Ernesto Bertarelli & Larry Ellision over how the past winner and trustee of the cup Ernesto was arranging the next round of the event, it looks like a match is going to finally being held.

It will be this

Versus this:

Possibly - there are likley to be new boats built before the match. What makes this intersting is due to the amount of money being thrown at building boats, some real materials, design and engineering breakthroughs are being generated. We’ve never seen boats likes this before. We’re talking loads so high that titanium is not strong enough. The boats are entirely composite, including the sails and running rigging. These boats can actually go several times the speed of the wind.

More info is here:

Should be an interesting event.

19kts speed with 7-8kts of wind. Yes, slower than a bicycle, but there should be more speed there. And they have to wear helmets. :laughing:

Which team bats first?

Gee, you try to bring something a bit different to the table.

The Swiss…I think.

Which ever team has the best lawyers.The ‘auld mug’ is more about lawyering than sailing,isn’t it?

Well, at least this time they’re building some cool boats. A bit like back in the day with Lipton and Vanderbilt building J boats.

If ellison is coming back with a trimaran, isn’t it going to be all the DC controversy all over again?

I think all this money would be better spent on the volvo ocean race, the AC seems to be all about boys and their toys doing day sailing.

Will these boats be up to the same quality as the Volvo Round the World boats none of which were actually seaworthy despite costing millions of pounds?

None of the Volvo boats broke and two were run on the rocks at high speed and got back into action.

They really beat on the boats. it’s amazing anything made it. Watch this

It’s called a Chinese Gybe for a reason. Pushed into the back of a wave @ 20kts and the helm lost control and accidentally gybed. Keel, ballast, sails and people all on the wrong side. :laughing: These poor guys ran out of money in Singapore.

You’re thinking of the Vendee Global IMOCA single handed race. Lot’s of broken boats in that one.

No issues this time. Legally there is no restriction on what kind of boat you can use. The Swiss are using a cat - Larry a Tri.

BMO Vid on sailing. These things really fly

Alinghi has got their cat out too…

In other news…Bank Populaire Breaks the transatlantic speed record for sailing yachts.,611,&txt=&nbPerpage=8

40+kts sustained is pretty amazing speeds.

What do the chinese call a chinese gybe? This is a serious question. I was trying to explain it to a chinese sailor, but i didn’t want to offend him.

[quote=“Elegua”]BMO Vid on sailing. These things really fly

Too bad they don’t show it tacking. It would be funny to watch that thing and a monohull having a pre-start tacking duel. The tri would bomb out for sure IMO.

What do the Chinese call a Chinese gybe? This is a serious question. I was trying to explain it to a Chinese sailor, but i didn’t want to offend him.[/quote]

I always used crash gybe to avoid offending any sensitive sensibilities.

It’s be Tri (maybe) vs. Cat. No monohulls.

Amazing. Biggest hard wing ever built. A wing longer than a 747’s. Just look at how fast the power boats need to go to keep up and this was just the maiden voyage.

The race itself, if it ever happens, will be pretty impressive.

Hey are any of these boats actually seaworthy?

A mixed bag. From an engineering and technical view, these boats are amazing. They are really on the edge of what is possible.

BOR 90 sails out on the ocean, albeit under controlled conditions, and they broke a 10 million dollar mast in 12kts of breeze. Alinghy is sailing in the UAE where conditions are very light and have set a 15kt, 1 meter wave hight restriction in their Notice of Race. They will likley race in Valencia in Feb, which could mean big breeze and big waves. Both boats are loaded up with load cells and alarms if loads get too high. BWW Oracle generates like 2gig of data a day according to a blog video.

Interestingly the wing-sail generates less loads on the boat than the soft sails.

First day on the water

Niiiice hair. Kiwi’s really have style, no?