The Best Break Up Songs Ever

Here is a thread for people to post their favorite songs about breaking up with a lover. And maybe people can share some stories of a lover who dissed them and let off some steam. If a lover dissed you, here is the place to vent :fume: .

I can’t think of a better way to start than this.

I wonder what Stevie Nicks was thinking when she looked back at Lindsey Buckingham :ponder: .

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Everybody Hurts by REM and On My Own from Les Miserables were what I listened to when I was younger and heartbroken :slight_smile:

Implies some anger and angst, which Fleetwood Mac just doesn’t convey.

Oddly enough, I’ve never had a bad break up. But if I did, I’d probably go for this classic from Husker Du - Sorry Somehow.


From my angst-ridden youth …

It’s Over, Level 42.

And I probably shouldn’t admit to liking this one, but I do:

Blur tend to irritate the hell out of me, but this one’s good:

At least until that wingey little ponce Damon starts whining at the end.

This is as good as any: The Byrds, “I’ll Feel a Whole Better”:

A great but very different cover by Dinosaur Jr:

If she is fluent in German (or even better, if she isn’t) how about “Gute Freunde” (Hey we can remain good friends) by WIZO?

I bet there is no better song in any language in case someone really dissed you… like the OP describes. Lyrics translate to something like this:

Basically, everything was as always
When I came to her the other night
We went to her room, as always
When she suddenly took me in her arms
She looked at me from her big eyes
And then suddenly turned quite serious
And then came the thing why I hate her now
I hate her yet I still like her

With a few lousy phrases she pricked holes in my brain
I could not believe it, because I didn’t want to lose her

“Hey we can remain good friends”, she said to me
After that I longed to put a bullet through her head
“Hey we can remain good friends”, she offered
And I still ask myself today: Why didn’t I beat her to death?[/b]

Not sure if I am off topic by posting more positive songs in this thread (oh well - I can always temp myself later). Two by Heather Nova I listened to after a break up (we got back together a few months later):

River of Life

Someone New (with Eskobar)

If those are too cheery for you, I’d suggest Nazareth’s Love Hurts. I even found you a version with lyrics if anyone would like to sing along.

ooo … I like those first two. Never heard of either of 'em before. Heather Nova looks waaaay too much like an old ex of mine, tho… vaguely disconcerting.

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Van Halen’s Aftershock, all the way.

Maroon 5’s This Love

Nice thread Whole Lotta Lotta.

This one was posted on Crooks and Liars in a thread about best breakup songs ever. ha

At least break-ups have given us some of the best music ever. The English version of Jacques Brel’s “Ne me quitte pas” has - I believe - been covered many times. I first came across it through Cyndi Lauper, though.

Heartbreak Hotel! I wish I had thought of that earlier.