The best feeling in the world is when

… you get flashed by a speed camera on your way to work, when you’re riding a bicycle!

Amazing the constrast between being on a scooter in a rush to work and getting flashed, kicking yourself and knowing the day isnt worth working for since it’ll cost ya 1000nt and flowing through the mountains on a bike, seeing that white flash light up the road and smirking to yourself when the copper checks the photo to see who to mail it to - may it also brighten up his day


Haha that’s awesome. But I’m sure you’re disappointed you won’t be able to see the photo. :laughing:

I can imagine that must be a wonderful feeling. I’d do that as often as I could.

Another great feeling (well, two on the same day last week):

When your dog goes into the bushes and then falls down the steep slopes of a mountain - after the immense worry and near panic you finally hear him bark and realize he is a lot further down than you thought.
When night is drawing in you scramble by yourself down the near vertical slopes and by chance, end up in the thicket on the ledge where he landed, and then scramble back up with him, un-injured, to safety.

And then…

After getting home, realise that your 80K camera plus lenses and flash PLUS the 13K in cash you stupidly put in the camera bag has somehow been displaced because its not in your car and not in your house, and none of your friends have seen it. Then frantically going back up the mountain to see if you left it there. Then coming down and checking everywhere you have been since you last saw it. And then, as a last resort, going to the police station with a frightfully negative attitude. And then being informed that actually, yes, someone handed it in earlier after they found it on the street - please sign the release form to get it back.

There are still some good people around.

Thank you, whoever you are.

Watching the birth of your children. What a wonder and experience.
Of course to have the great, one must also know the bad. Ex: your son’s first grade teacher calls to ask if you had given permission for your son to bring his birth pictures for “show and tell”. True story.
EDIT: A home safe was bought the next day.

kissed (licked) by your dogs/cats early in the moring ~ so you’re awake to feed them and get ready to work.
Since I’m with my 2 dogs and living without my family here, I’d treasure my time with my dogs~ waking to see their cute faces would really make my day bright and cheerful.

Watching dawn break, and the casting of shadows.
Seeing one’s kids smile, for no apparent reason at all.
Strolling under a sunshower.

It’s not the best feeling in the world, but my first few sips of hot coffee in the morning are glorious.

Knowing that my son loves me way beyond anything I deserve–and trully thinks I’m beautiful.

Listening to ocean waves break and treasuring the sound and that you’re in a position to hear it.

Realizing that you just burst a cyst on a ovary–and NOT your appendix–which means you’ll be around to pick your boy up after school.

Aaaahhh… Having your heart melted by posts on internet forums. That’s a pretty good feeling, too.

Here’s a virtual hug — hug

I remember when my pet persian would wake me up early in the morning nose to nose and then i would get a whiff of this ungodly stench…yup hes waking me cuz he just got diarhhea and wants me to wash his butt cuz he aint lickin it clean. OOPS wait this thread is about the bEST feeling, not the Worst .

Aaaahhh… Having your heart melted by posts on internet forums. That’s a pretty good feeling, too.

Here’s a virtual hug — hug[/quote]

MMMmmm! Thanks! That was virtually warm and fuzzy.