The Best Pizza in Kaohsiung

I’ve been meaning to give these guys a plug for a while now.

Andy’s Pizza Garden is the best pizza in Kaohsiung. Though I’m curious if anyone knows a better place…

Andy’s is good, but I find the atmosphere a bit depressing tbh. Drab, dimly lit interior and so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Also, orders are sometimes inconsistent with one person getting their food a lot earlier than the other person. But like I said the actual food is good. So I’d recommend it only for takeaway.

I prefer Pizza Rock, which is near Hanshin arena. Plus they deliver.

Pizza Rock pizzas are good for the price, but they really aren’t great. Their main weakness are the pizza bases which I presume are mass produced somewhere. I’d rate Pizza Rock as a better, classier version of Domino’s or Pizza Hut.

Pizza Rock has lost its mojo. A pizza delivered so undercooked I had to put it under the grill. Breadsticks that were nothing of the thing. Wife’s tried to phone to complain, but no joy.

I don’t mind contributing to some guy living the dream, but I expect him to meet me half way and at least give a toss about who he employs and the quality of what he sells.

EDIT: this was not Pizza Rock Kausiung. I was so overwhelmed with the shiteness of my pizza experience tonight I posted in the wrong place.

I’ve been very impressed with OPizza – slick online ordering system and it always ends up tasting great. Thin crust with fresh ingredients

I love this place. Double Cheese All you can eat about $300NT. The pizza always has the bubbles in the base which I like. You can eat and drink as much as you like including fried chicken, chips, salads, spaghetti’s, ice cream and probably some other stuff.

Opizza is good, but I prefer Pizza Villagio (sp?).
Shame about Andy’s Pizza getting sold off.

I also recently seem to feel a decline from before.

Pizza Rock must be a chain franchise with no universal standards.

There is one in Taiwan that I love and does it right every time, but all the others I try generally suck. I’m talking from N to S TW.

The one on Bade is reliable