The Best Stuff You Didn't Know You Had

You know, like finding a twenty in an old pair of jeans.

I’m going throught stuff today, about to move to the other side of the world. Again. I just found a half a pint of Crown Royal! Hot DAMN! :sunglasses: Have a drink with me? Anyone?

My job, my family, my lifestyle? A headhunter contacted me last week out of the blue with info on job that sounded terrific at first and would mean a huge jump in pay. The catch? It’s in HK and my family is very comfortably settled into our house and our lives here in Taipei. I thought it over for a couple of days, but I will almost certainly tell them no thanks, not interested. Some things – lots of things – are more important than money. :slight_smile:

Yep. Even a good opportunity isn’t always the right opportunity.

An apartment.

I love finding old notes and letters from friends that I’d forgotten about, and finding old poems and stories that I thought were lost. My files are really bursting at the seams these days–time for a treasure dig!

That IS a find. I look forward to having a drink with you when you make it to this side of the puddle.

I think I have taxoplasma gondii. It’s awesome!

Yikes! I hope you’ve seen / are about to go see a doctor.

@Twonavels, change that litter often. Use bakingsoda to help with absorbancy and oders. And clean under your nails very carefully each time you use your litter.

@Maoman, I can’t wait!

Another good thing I didn’t know I had: the results of my final teaching licensure exams. I should have had the results three weeks ago, but they never came. I called again and again and again, and this time it worked! And I passed. Yippie. That and a hundred bucks gets me a standard license. (And I NEVER want to teach in Arkansas again!)

What’s this? HC is a returnee? Coming back to the Wan? Just curious, by the end of the year, how many new foreigners here will actually be returnees? Another question, when will I stop asking questions?

So can we have a welcome Housecat back happy hour?

Who you askin’? Momma Cat’s answer is, “Hell yeah!” Something else good that I didn’t know I had!

This is a whole lot better than a few coins down the back of the couch.

I completely forgot I’d been contributing to a compulsory pension scheme, with my contributions matched by my employer, and now worth more than NT$1.5m.


There I was, breaking out the summer work shirts, and bingo!
There it was!
Totally thought I’d lost it, but apparently I was wrong, it was just sitting there, good as new, pristine and solid as the first day I got it.

The blackest, foulest, most hatefully vitriolic and jaundiced view possible of the world, its inhabitants, and existence in general.
And it still fits like a glove.

Jeez, maybe I really don’t ever throw stuff away…

A passport I haven’t been able to use…