The Biden Presidency

Unless you can’t buy those books elsewhere for competitive prices, this is fairly meaningless.

Britain is well known for it’s closet socialism. :wink:

To add, I don’t disagree with your premise in theory, but the example you’re using is more like someone arguing they’re fat because the cookie maker keeps making delicious cookies and selling them. They are making a choice, they have a choice.

There are probably better examples of companies that could/should be checked for their cornering of the market and subsequent influence, Facebook for example, you’d have a better chance in court. But how good?..still not good probably.

Is this like an argument people are so entrenched into facebook, or apple’s or amazon’s ecosystem for example, that it’s not fair? That they have no other option?

I dunno, I think things have to go pretty far before you can seriously talk about breaking these guys up, legally. You can’t exactly do it pre-emptively either.

Will be interesting to see.

Meanwhile in NY:

OK, now that’s a new one.

Bunny rabbit with a mask:

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He’s so brain-dead he thought there might be TV cameras watching the president of the US give an Easter message to the nation! He takes precautions like he thinks there’s a pandemic going on or something. What a moran!
Not like President Trump-


Even with Biden’s infrastructure investment, it appears that the US still will be playing catch-up

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I give mad props to anyone that puts a lot of money into infrastructure. Good job, Biden (puppet masters?).

Another neo-con move. Who pays for this?


Fire up that war machine!


Real figures

So real headline:
Biden Asks For Smaller Budget Increase Than Trump Wanted

Of course cake and Dr. Milker are fans of the US abandoning Taiwan to the CCP :wink:

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You can bet your bottom dollar he’d be criticized for a decrease by some of the same people criticizing an increase.

In that timeline, he’s not doing enough to stave away the China/Russia threat. :sweat_smile:

Personally I don’t mind the good guys being strong, while I don’t want overspending, or spending on the wrong stuff, maintaining military power for the good guys is not the worst thing in the world. It pays dividends down the road when places like China think about getting frisky.

Biden is smart though, he doesn’t react to the GOP nonsense, just pushes forward.

I’ve seen a lot recently about ‘Biden Conservatives’. Not only was his political position advantageous at election, it continues to be, with a lot of his common sense stuff drawing in conservatives who don’t want the Trump path. Cheers to them and their conversion! :wine_glass:

Good real headline

Of course, the GOP is complaining

“President Biden’s budget proposal cuts defense spending, sending a terrible signal not only to our adversaries in Beijing and Moscow, but also to our allies and partners,” McConnell said in a statement also signed by James Inhofe, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham and Richard Shelby. “Cutting America’s defense budget completely undermines Washington Democrats’ tough talk on China and calls into question the administration’s willingness to confront the Chinese Communist Party.”

From Defense News a more detailed report on the reasons for the budget and the allocation of resources.

“A chunk of this budget request, on the defense side in particular, is to pay for the pay raise for men and women in uniform, and then the civilians that support them; I think that’s something we could find support for on both sides of the aisle” an administration official told reporters Friday. “The focus will be on investments on nondefense, but also ensuring the Defense Department he can continue its strategic goals as we outcompete China, and as we ensure that the men and women in uniform have everything that they need.”

For the defense industry, budget documents teased an emphasis on shipbuilding, which dovetails with the Pentagon’s focus on China and Indo-Pacific. It comes amid a push from seapower advocates and after Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said he would advocate for “heavy investment” in sea-, air- and space-centric platforms, with “bloodletting” in other areas of the budget.


Agreed, staying ahead of China is important. Good to see it.

You think it was sarcasm? I’ll give them the benefit of siding with Biden on staying on top of China, it’s a fairly bipartisan take. :us:

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Unfortunately, he’ll probably end up starting another war in the Middle East.

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I know you’re joking because this is Bush family stuff, but it’s a bit sad to see your constant level of cynicism.

Even I gave Trump credit for being hard on China. Granted, I thought he had the wrong approach and reasons, but the right target.

Everything Biden has done indicates he wants to stay on top of China, and defend Taiwan’s sovereignty. Seems pretty great, considering the last guy:

Trump was no cold warrior. According to former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s memoir, the president liked to point to the tip of one of his Sharpies and say, “This is Taiwan,” then point to the Resolute desk in the Oval Office and say, “This is China.” “Taiwan is like two feet from China,” Trump told one Republican senator. “We are 8,000 miles away. If they invade, there isn’t a f***ing thing we can do about it.”

I’ll leave you to your jokes now.


Seems someone is pushing back against the republicrats:

Might want to think of starting a MTG thread since the Democrats are singling her out in much the same way Republicans are focused on AOC and we have a thread on her.

And…you conveniently skipped over the more recent military adventures of the Obama administration. Doesn’t the partisanship ever get tiring?

There’s already a Qanon thread. That should be enough.

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Ah can we lump Kamala and AOC in with the Antifa thread?

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