The Bodhi Way (三乘菩提)


I can’t wait for you guys to discover the Abrahamic religions. Then your Yuanshan building will have some REALLY interesting slogans.

I’m struggling to think of “promiscuous” tantric deities. I think Vajrayogini (who is visualized as a 16-year-old) is paired with at least three consorts. Padmasambhava had three as well, I think, though one at a time rather than overlapping. That’s pretty conservative for a man his age.

“Beastly” sex must be very wicked indeed. Is that the kind where the woman moves too?

Meanwhile, in the real world (as opposed to myth or iconography), I wonder how many cases of sexual slavery Tibetan Buddhists are supposed to have been responsible for, and where the evidence is. Zhengjue has only republished a few well-known scandals, none of which had anything to do with sexual slavery.

The charge of “counterfeiting Buddhism” could apply equally well to the Chinese canon, although that would be a mean thing to say, and no one thinks this was done on purpose.

But yeah, them lamas do use human skin and bones for ritual practice. Is that wrong of them?


[quote=“iwonder”]Ooh, you meant your Lamaism Tantric scholarship, of the past 1000 yrs that I’ve missed out … Thanks, but a Big No.,
I really Don’t like those vicious looking Tantric promiscuous sex symbols … when ever I think of all those unfortunate females …
a lot of them under age young girls, being used as Tantric sex slaves, and of Tantrism negative cause and effect brought to societies … Sad thing. How would these be part of your “the best”?? [/quote]

Your idea of the world and the world itself do not match.

Yes, all of the literature of pramana shunyata logic etc was done by the Tibetans after the Indians carried it there. The Japanese and Chinese lineages are long since dead, as are many Indian ones.

Your lineage doesn’t study pramana and buddhist logic, you just quote sutra like some countryside christian, you’re a joke.

Go and study dharmakirti for 10 years then you can dare to try and say something intelligent.


Abrahamic religions doesn’t counterfeit itself to be Buddha Shakyamuni’s Buddhism, does it?!

  • Is that wrong? Why? Can’t you tell?? See, this is the thing here …
    Most generally, only those low realm evil-like religions would chose to use human skin, human bone and orgy sex related etc, etc., for their ritual practice, in order to please it’s demon worship.
    There is an old saying: Be careful for what you wish of, might be getting it …

Wonder if you would care if those unfortunate young girls would happen to be your young sisters or daughters … so to speak.,


This is getting pretty pointless guys. If you’re just going to keep harping on these same points and trade insults I don’t think it’s of value to anyone.


Your lineage doesn’t study pramana and buddhist logic, you just quote sutra like some countryside christian, you’re a joke.
Go and study dharmakirti for 10 years then you can dare to try and say something intelligent.[/quote]

Did Buddha Shakyamuni gain any sort of Buddhist scholarship? (15 Feb 2015)

Triceratopses, your so much self-prided Lamaism/Tantric lineage, is not related with Buddha’s Buddhism.

Traditional Bodhi Path Buddhism read Buddha’s sutras, apart from studying it like those of academic research and analyzing, but most importantly, we would read it with clear consciousness with sincere heart as if Buddha and Sutra related Bodhisattvas and Sages were presenting at the same time, so that we study Buddha’s Sutra while paying homage to ; so that our heart/mind could be able resonating with Buddha’s wisdom and blessing …

This actually is the Key issue, this is how we should do when dealing with our heart/mind. Not just handle it stiffly like academic exam. Wish you could understand at least a touch of Alaya Vijnana profound depth.


Triceratopese is the one kept harping and repeating, and doing his/her trade mark insults; don’t be mad at me.
I believe T. did this way intentionally.


Well, there is one minor example. The Baha’i religion considers Buddha along with Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and its own founder to have been divine prophets who taught the same spiritual message. Let me know if you need help making signs condemning them–the diacritical marks can be tricky.

And we know this how…? Human bones (and occasionally skin too, in case of mummification) are regularly venerated as saintly relics by Catholics and Orthodox Christians. No orgies, as far as I know, but I’ve never heard of this in connection with Tibetan Buddhism either. (NB: sex between two people does not count as an orgy.)

WHAT unfortunate young girls? Name one (current or former) Tibetan Buddhist sex slave. I do acknowledge sexual abuse to be a real problem in Tibetan monasteries, but this would primarily affect young boys. The few tantric consort relationships that I know about have been overwhelmingly consensual.


Lamaism Discussion - - - Posted on June 10, 2013 by dialogueireland
Moved from Rigpa Cult Practice Testimonies / Chris Chandler

When you are still in the cult of lamaism, whether half in, or totally in, you will not be able to tolerate the evidence of reality of who these lamas really are, you will not read the books that are referred to, you will have given up your critical intelligence for the group think culture that is what all cults have in common, the dismissal of contradictory evidence and demonizing or dismissing anything that pops the bubble of cult think You will not notice that it is a master slave paradigm with this ‘living deities ‘ on thrones, and you will not read the real history of Tibet, and the repressive theocratic regimes, that kept their own people illiterate, and in drudgery with superstition and fear of varja hells, And accepting of gross poverty, as ‘their karma”.

The only thing cuckoo is the wish to give up 500 years of western progress and return to the misogyny of a 14th century, superstitious slave paradigm and continue to bemoan the sexual predator of one lama, when he is supported, aided and abetted by the whole misogynistic edifice of Tibetan Lamaism. In 22 years, and two million dollar lawsuits , Sogyal is still going strong, teaching this month at Connecticut College as though nothing can penetrate him, because western Tibetan Buddhists still have one foot in the cult of lamaism, they think it will be different with this or that lama, or another scene, when it is a cookie cutter paradigm, cultivated over centuries of suppressing its people, in particular women.

And since, western Buddhists still want to believe and hold on to their fantasies, that this superstitious, Hindustani Brahmanism is really Buddhism, and can’t really extricate themselves and call out Sogyal’s abuse unequivocally, by taking a Violence Against Women suit against him, for example in the U.S. you are unable to make a dent in it, because you cannot see the forest, for the trees. You just want to keep one part of it ‘special” and the exception. Sogyal is not an exception, he is supported by the misogyny of Tibetan lamaism that kept their own people as serfs and slaves for centuries.

(part 1)


These lamas are so clever, so that when Tsultrim Allione started raising holy hell in 2002 about the sexual predatoriness of these lamas, such as Gangten Rinpoche , about to go public about the sexual abuse, guess what they did? They recognized her as a high lama and sidelined her. She then kept quiet, very quiet, She had wanted to be ‘recognized for years” and that was her Achilles heel, she was very dangerous to them, so they gave her a title, and she shut up and become part of the enabling paradigm.

You haven’t a clue yet about their ambitions, their long term plans, and their relentless pursuit of a lama buddhocracy. Fortunately , most sane people will never enter the cult of lamaism like those of us in the 60’s did, that is why it is really over for them in the west, I give them about five more years, until more and more of the real history of Tibetan lamaism is revealed in the mainstream public, and the U.S. political culture has no more use for the Dalai Lama, then you will see the real history of Tibetan lamaism go mainstream instead of being censored.

It is why they are now building all their monasteries in Asia with our monies. A kleptocracy always has to keep hedging its bets. These lama scenes have western students very long in the tooth now, they aren’t attracting young people like they did in the 70’s and 80’s anymore. No one has the ‘devotion” or naivete that we did to reject 500 years of western progress for a medieval master slave paradigm anymore.

(part 2)


Well. They have been claiming for quite some time now that me and my friends are fucking his 10 year old daughter, in case you didn’t notice. Somehow its allowed to go on and on lol, every new page. Their rational? A handful of old guys supposedly did something with consenting adults 25+ years ago…

also they’re quoting english scholarship from the 1800s and early 1900s which is utterly senseless

oh and random posts off random forums too. serious business.

its not like there are dozens of scholarly books from top u.s institutions written in the past 5yrs that directly contradict everything being said here. nahhhh


What, bored already? But it’s only been 111 pages!

Not remotely the same thing as actual slavery. Sogyal Rinpoche has not enslaved anyone–rather, he seems to have seduced an uncertain but probably large number of foolish female devotees.


As I’ve previously explained guys, all that is well beyond me. All I’m asking is not to keep harping on the same points or trading insults, thanks.


It seems that most of you couldn’t care less about the fact that H.H. has the term “Lamaism” smoothly grafted onto the name of Tibetan Buddhism.

Well then, I’ll have the subject focused on the Dharma itself.
This will become a Dharma book for the beginners, starting with the eight vijnanas 八識。

Zla’od, please help to correct my grammar if you don’t mind, then when the book is published in the future, your name “might be” mentioned somewhere.
But, there will be no picture of you, please do excuse me!

A Journey through the Buddha Dharma
Eight brothers under one roof;
one is sharp, the other dim;
five brothers do business out front;
and the last one’s inside
keeping tabs on everything.

五個門前作買賣,一個家裡把帳開。(Part 1)


I’m pretty sure the Dalai Lama doesn’t call it “Lamaism.”

I am pleased that you are cultivating interests outside of Tibetan Buddhism. Yogacara is a fine and worthwhile topic, though a bit harder to sell to the average reader. Just try not to swear too much, or get distracted by the sex lives of Lambert Schmithausen or Dan Lusthaus!


I wonder, you also call him the Dalai
And H.H. doesn’t want his religion to be called Lamaism, of course, he knew its authentic name all too well!
So he prefers himself to be called the Dalai
but not the Lamaism religion itself! Haha!

Yogacara is the one and only final wisdom for Mahayanists. 三界唯心,萬法唯識。
Don’t you see my signature bearing Venerable Xuanzang’s name?
He is the author of Cheng Weishi Lun 《成唯識論》.

Come on, be fair, please show me in which of my posts have you located any languages that need to be washed with carbolic soaps?
Thank you!


[quote=“Buddhism”]Buddha means the enlightened one. Around 2500 years ago, the Buddha manifested as a human being (human path) and passed down Buddhism. The Buddha wished to share us the essence of his enlightenment. Therefore, Buddhism is neither a philosophy by itself, nor an academic research system. It is a matter of actual realization. In other words, the Buddha dharmas (teachings) are the Buddha’s personal experiences that are feasible for Buddhists to carry out. This fact ensures that human beings have the most potential to get enlightened after cultivations. For this reason, Buddhist cultivation is deeply interlinked in everyone’s daily life.
There are several fundamental concepts of Buddhism, among others, the law of cause-and-effect and the unceasing transmigration. These are all based on the Buddha nature that every sentient being innately possesses, otherwise, how could the ”unceasing transmigration” practically substantiate with the fact that our physical bodies do come to an end。
In fact, the genuine Buddha dharma is generally categorized into the Liberation-Way and the Buddhahood-Way, but the former is actually included in the latter. In terms of Buddhism, “liberation” refers to the fact of breaking the bond of the law of cause-and-effect in order to have the long cycle of births and deaths come to an end.[/quote]

Buddhism is about the Heart.

Whoever has good intentions, will escape from Samsara.

Praise the Lord our Buddha !?!



Uh, Amen?


No problem, you sure can say “Amen”!
Isn’t it Amitabha? :sunglasses:



Buddhism is about the Heart.

Whoever has good intentions, will escape from Samsara.

Praise the Lord our Buddha !?! [/quote][/quote]

Buddhism is about the Heart.
—> Indeed, the Citta; the True heart, but not the consciousness mind!

Whoever has good intentions, will escape from Samsara.
-----> I am afraid not that simple. Good intentions and Samsara are two different matters.

For example, parents do have good intentions for their offspring, but they are not necessarily able to escape from Samsara.
It’s the liberation wisdom that facilitate beings’ to escape from Samsara.


"Eight brothers under one roof,” is talking about what we call a person.

Sounds strange right? Well, actually the ‘brothers’ (we could also say sisters!) stand for the different parts of our
Great Mind
‘Under one roof’ means all in one house. Can you guess what the “house” is?
That’s right, it’s your body!

Your mind is much more than you realize and that’s why we call it
the Great Mind

The Great Mind
can be divided into eight parts. Every one of us relies on eight parts, or mental entities, called vijnanas, to live a normal life.
These eight mental entities, or eight vijnanas, work in unison all the time like inseparable brothers - Siamese octuplets!
(Part 2)