The Bottle Shop - craft beer bar, takeout, and delivery?!

There’s a new place in town called “The Bottle Shop.TW” - I haven’t tried it out yet, but rather just picked up the business card at Beer and Cheese Social House.

BottleShop’s website:
Trip Advisor: … aipei.html

Like Beer and Cheese Social House, they sell craft microbrews both as a restaurant and, at a discount, for takeout. The location is near Taipei City Hall MRT.

But perhaps more importantly, their business card says they deliver! I have absolutely no idea how or at what charge.

Address: 台北市忠孝東路四段553巷6弄14-1號

Has anyone tried them out, whether in the restaurant or for delivery?

Maybe they use Foodpanda delivery service? Or not.

I’ve been going there since they opened a few months ago. Great selection and very patient and knowledgeable service staff. A shout out to James in particular.

They do regular beer tastings, so if you’re a newbie to craft beer, like I am, it’s a great way to get to know more about it and meet people at the same time. That said, I’ve yet to try any of the food, though it does look tempting. Next time I’m in I’ll ask about delivery information and post here accordingly.

Oh yeah, I guess I should update this a little … they’ve got a great variety of bottled and canned beer. The food, if I recall correctly, is (tasty) variations on grilled cheese sandwiches. A decent variety of draft beer, especially the local craft breweries that have started up lately. If you buy a six-pack to take out, 25% off; 35% off if you buy a case (which in this case means 24 bottles/cans I believe).

Delivery plans and procedures are still being worked out.

It’s not a very big place, but I was very impressed with my afternoon visit.

This was fun:

The Non-Beer Snob’s Guide to Ordering at a Craft Beer Bar … ar/384715/

So this place is now permanently closed, it seems. I understand the ex-owner is also a partner owner of Beer & Cheese Social House. Anyone know why Bottle Shop closed (given all the rave reviews)? And have the same owners opened a successor? It seems there are now several new craft beer shops in Taipei, wonder how long they’ll last.

More and more keep popping up, but the better known ones should still be there.

-Little London
-Beer Geek
-Beer n Cheese

Are what comes to mind when people mention craft beer in Taipei.

I thought one of the most popular ones now are the taprooms affiliated with Taihu Brewing, in Chinese called 啜飲室 . Of course, my original post is regarding craft beer shops (not bars) but happy to discuss the topic of craft beer bars as well (I realize a few combine both).

Yes, I think craft beer bar and craft beer shop go hand and hand. Not sure if I’ve ever been to a place that sells craft beer, but doesn’t serve it! :smiley:

啜飲室 aka The Tasting Room, personally, not a fan of their beers. That one time I visited their bar between Zhongxiao and Civic, I maybe chose the wrongs ones and ended up paying too much.

I personally prefer 掌門 over at Dong Men. I just don’t like how small the bar is!

Shame about the Bottle Shop. Tasting Room and Beer and Cheese are a bit over-priced. “Something Ales” is my favourite, great selection and reasonably priced.

There’s that place in the trendy market near Yuanshan Station and the old soccer stadium. Bottles and pints. Came across this place recently, would like to check out:

Craft Beer and Co is the name. Prices are a bit high too. Small inside, but the area outside is where it shines above the rest. There’s only 1 other craft beer bar (that I know of) that has a large outside seating area and it can’t compete with number of available seats as Craft Beer.